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Refer a student for support

The online submission form allows staff to refer a student directly to the START Student Wellbeing Advisors for follow-up. It is available to both professional and academic staff including lecturers, tutors and supervisors of postgraduate students.

Download the Staff Guide to Student Support Services.

Online support process

The Online Support Process is a safety net for students who are struggling with their studies and or personal issues. It enables staff to refer students directly to the START Student Wellbeing Advisory Service and is available to all staff.

Linking academic or socially at risk students with appropriate support services in a timely fashion is crucial for successful outcomes.

The early and most obvious behavioural indicators that a student may be experiencing difficulties will include:

  • Poor attendance record
  • Poor punctuality
  • Late submission of assessable work
  • Poor quality of assessable work
  • Reported problems from other students in such areas as group assignments
  • Reluctance to participate in class (e.g. avoiding speaking in tutorials; avoiding giving presentations)
  • For postgraduate research students – difficulties in meeting the goals of their research project.

There may be many variables behind these observable indicators - and you may well be able to discuss the matter directly with the student. If it is clear to you which of the support services would best benefit a particular student, then it is best to connect the student directly to that service. Please see the list of support services at University Life. Using this online process does not place the student directly in contact in the first instance with any of the support services except with the Student Wellbeing Advisory Service. In particular, if a student is at risk of harm themselves or others, then immediate contact should be made with the Counselling Service.

However, in some cases, it may not be possible or appropriate to contact the student. A staff member may not have enough information to make a judgment; there may not be enough time or opportunity to discuss the situation directly with the student; the student may not be responsive to your approach; or the student may simply not be present.

The online support process is designed to allow staff members to easily connect a student for advice about:

  • Identifying what factor(s) are affecting their study
  • Connecting to and using the appropriate source of assistance.

Your brief task in the process is to complete and submit the form below. In all cases, it is highly desirable to inform the student that this has been done. The only exceptions should be when the student is absent or cannot be contacted.

One of the Student Wellbeing Advisors will try to make contact with the student as soon as possible - initially by phone, later via email or post if phone contact is not possible. The student will be advised that concern has been expressed about his/her study situation. The student will be invited to talk over whatever issue(s) may be impacting on study with the objective of making an appropriate connection to one of the University's sources of help. If the student does not wish to participate in any such discussion, his/her wishes will be immediately respected.

Experience has shown that students respond very positively to this kind of contact. Most are interested to learn of support services and their options to address study problems. All have been pleased that the University took the trouble to make contact.

NOTE: This is not a confidential process. The student will be advised which staff member has provided the information to the Student Wellbeing Advisory Service.

Online support submission form

Complete the form below to refer a student to the Student Wellbeing Advisory Service for support.

If you have any issues completing the form, please contact the Student Wellbeing Advisory Service directly.