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Curtin University

Mentoring for new students

The New to Curtin Mentor Program connects new students with an experienced senior student to help them through their transition to university life.

This information is designed for staff interested or involved in the program. If you are looking for student information, visit the New to Curtin Mentor Program page.

New to Curtin Mentor Program

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For more information, contact:
Phone: +61 8 9266 4761

Transition mentoring is a key component of Curtin's orientation and transition experience. The New to Curtin Mentor Program is based on a model developed by the School of Nursing & Midwifery in 2007, and was rolled out centrally from 2008. 

The programs key goals are to: 

  • increase new students sense of belonging and deliver a positive transition experience,
  • provide a professional development opportunity for current students, 
  • create a sense of community and identity within participating schools.

Participating schools and areas designate a staff member to coordinate the program for their area, in collaboration with the central Orientation and Transition team. The key responsibilities of school and area coordinators include:

  • recruiting and coordinating mentors for the area,
  • incorporating mentors in faculty and school orientation activities and communicating orientation plans to mentors,
  • being the point of contact for mentors regarding school or course based information and support,
  • providing feedback to the central Orientation and Transition team to assist in the evaluation and continued improvement of the program.

Course or School Staff Member
Actuarial Science Ee Ling Grace Aw, Jo-anne Morgan 
Architecture Tanja Glusac, Parisa Izadpanahi
Asian Languages Craig Sims
Biomedical Science Adrian Paxman
CAS Centre for Aboriginal Studies Shannae Pattrick
Commerce Bec Stafford
Computer Science Hannes Herrmann
Construction Management
Barry Cooper-Cooke
Creative Advertising and Graphic Design Lee Ingram
 Digital Design  Jarrod Gittos
Education - Early Childhood, Primary & Secondary Craig Sims
Engineering Operations Amanda Sullivan
Engineering Technology and Computer Systems Manora Caldera
Exchange Studies TBC
Exercise Rehabilitation & Sports Science Angela Spence
Fashion  Anne Farren, Kelsey Giambazi
Geography Shaphan Cox, Tod Jones
Geology and Geophysics Mehrooz Aspandiar
Health Promotion Krysten Blackford
Health Safety & Environment Krassi Rumchev
Health Science BSc Ann Firth
Interior Architecture Lynn Churchill
Law Bec Stafford
Media, Creative Arts and Social Inquiry Philip Miolin
Medical Radiation Science Laura Connor
Medicine  Keenan Moffatt
Nursing & Midwifery Siana Critchett
Nutrition and Food Science Karin Clark
Occupational Therapy Julie Brayshaw 
Paramedicine Jaci Mason
Pharmacy Andrea Johnson
Photography and Illustration Design Toni Wilkinson
Physiotherapy Beatriz Ito Ramos De Oliveira
Psychology Natalie Gasson
Science - including Agribusiness, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Environmental Biology, Coastal and Marine Science, and Physics Brenda Rohl
Social Work Christina Fernandes
Spatial Sciences David McMeekin
Speech Pathology Naomi Cocks
UniReady Robyn Chien
Urban & Regional Planning Jake Schapper
Kalgoorlie Campus and West Australian School of Mines Connie Klaassen

Recruiting Mentors

Mentors are recruited on a semester basis – in April for Semester 2, and September for Semester 1. 

The Orientation and Transition team will provide some promotional materials. School and area coordinators should distribute these materials through channels that are most suited to the area's students. These are our tips on getting the message out:

  • post messages in relevant Blackboard units
  • email targeted groups of students
  • make flyers available in student common rooms and student service hubs
  • promote during lectures through announcements or asking lecturers to include a promotional slide
  • post messages on digital screens in student service hubs.

Students can be directed to the online expression of interest form and areas will be automatically emailed the  applications of interested students. School or area coordinators can follow the link included in the email to approve or reject the application.

At the end of the recruitment period the Orientation and Transition team will provide a final list of mentors to the respective school or area coordinator.