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Academic status information for staff

Information for staff with a role in advising students who have been placed on Conditional Status.

The processes described on this page are a component of the Retention Strategy, which in turn is one of the approved projects within Transforming Learning @ Curtin. Students on Conditional status are clearly at some risk of attrition - either by withdrawal, failure to re-enrol or by proceeding to Termination. More proactive interventions have the potential to reach out more effectively to this large minority of students.

Academic Status is currently under review. This page will be updated with information as it becomes available.

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Curtin Assessment and Student Progression Manual describes formal standards associated with Conditional Status in Section 28. Heads of School or their nominee are given responsibility for implementing this policy.

There is strong internal research evidence as well as much anecdotal evidence that many students who are placed on Conditional Status do not fully engage with appropriate services - particularly students who subsequently proceed to Terminated Status. At the same time, many enrolling areas actively encourage Conditional students to make contact with designated staff, often without a satisfactory response rate from the students.

In order to encourage Conditional students to engage with existing support systems, there will be some modifications to communications sent to these students after the release of results in December 2013. These processes have been developed collaboratively between START, the Examinations Office and eServices after a period of wide consultation.

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Changes for Semester One 2014


  1. The Official Communication sent to students on an academic status of Conditional is actively being sent to these students now. This will cover any students who are placed on Conditional status as a result of the Semester 2, 2013 Boards of Examiners. Whilst maintaining compliance standards in clearly giving information about Academic Status, the OC will emphasize the need for students to address the issues which led to being placed on Conditional status. They will be strongly encouraged to access the Conditional Status website.  NOTE: All students on Conditional status will receive this message, regardless of campus.
  2. Shortly after the OC has been sent, students with an Australian mobile phone number (excluding those on Sydney campus) will be sent a short friendly reminder text message to access the Conditional Status website. That is, this aspect of the process will not apply to students who are studying off-shore or in Sydney unless those locations choose to implement it.
  3. Additionally, students on Conditional status will see several successive prominently placed reminders on their OASIS log in screen during the following study period. For Semester One 2014, these reminders will be restricted to students studying in Australia (excluding Sydney campus). 

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Links to Existing Practices in Enrolling Areas, Staff Guidelines and Support

The above Conditional Status website seeks to engage students in a reflective process that will assist them to develop their own "Return to Good Standing Plan". The Conditional status website also strongly advises them to consult with the appropriate designated staff in their enrolling area, especially if the student has received further advice from their enrolling area about their academic status. The resource for students has been reconstructed so that it may be used by students regardless of their study location. However, we are aware that different campuses will vary in supports and advisory services, and in the nature of processes for students on Conditional status.

It is known there is a range of different practices across the University whereby schools seek to engage with students on Conditional status. However, all such practices are essentially seeking the same thing:

The modified communication process listed above is intended to lead a greater number of students to interact with their enrolling areas; and to be better prepared for whatever process is preferred by the school.  

Staff with a role in advising students who have been placed on Conditional Status are encouraged to: 

  • Review the Conditional status resources in advance of Release of Results.
  • Give consideration to how this resource may be used in the context of existing school practices.

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Outcome Measures and Future Developments

The success of this interim process will be measured by the numbers of students accessing the Conditional Status website and exporting their draft "Return to Good Standing Plan". In the longer run, we will also be able to assess the proportion of students who indeed return to Good Standing at the next Release of Results. These outcome measures will assist in developing effective practices for the future.

Jim Elliott. Previous Associate Director, Student Transition

Any discussion and suggestions are welcome.

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(These notes were most recently updated on 11 December 2013.) 

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