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Curtin University

Support for online students

Studying online is much easier when you know the tools and services available to support you.

For more information on tips and tricks for studying online, check out the information and links below.

Services and facilities

Curtin offers a range of services to online Curtin students; from 24-hour computer labs and online library databases helping you get through your studies, to IT support and free referencing software saving you time and hassle. We also offer counselling and wellbeing services via phone to provide assistance when you need it.

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IT Help

IT Support

Curtin IT Services (CITS) provides a wide range of resources and support to help students perform at the highest level. This includes online learning systems such as iPortfolio, Blackboard, OASIS and 24/7 access to computer labs across the Bentley campus. Other services and systems include Office 365 student email with access to Office Web Applications and Skydrive storage, site licensed software, iLecture online lecture services and wireless internet access. For assistance and support with any of these systems you can log a request online, by phone via OASIS Central or you can visit a Student IT Support Helpdesk, located in Bentley campus Buildings 204, 303, 402, 408 and at Perth City Campus.

Student IT Support Staff are available during Semester 6am – 11pm every day and during Semester breaks 9am – 5pm weekdays and 1pm – 5pm weekends, with extended hours during Summer School.

Check out OASIS

OASIS is where you need to go for all useful info on your studies, services and accommodation. You need to check in to OASIS at least once a week to read any official communications from the University. Visit the OASIS help page for more help.


Here’s where you’ll find your study plan and your exam results. It’s also where you keep your contact details up to date. See what you can see and do in eStudent here.


Blackboard is Curtin's Learning Management System (LMS). It provides staff and students with secure, online learning environment that is available to users 24 hours a day, seven days a week at their own convenience (via Desktop or mobile). The LMS is used as the central platform to publish lecture notes and other learning resources, and to manage interactive courseware, assignment submission, quizzes and collaborate with fellow students. Blackboard also provides access to iLectures/Echo360, Bb Collaborate, and Turnitin.

You can access Blackboard through the My Studies tab in OASIS. There’s also the Blackboard student tour.

For more information on Blackboard, iLectures and online assignment submission, visit our Elearn website.

Wireless Network

If you are visiting one of our campuses, wireless access is available around most of the locations on Curtin's Bentley, Murray St and Kalgoorlie campuses. If you require assistance connecting to the wireless network, please visit one of the Student IT Support Helpdesks.

Student-priced software

Microsoft offers a special discount to University & TAFE students on Microsoft Office software. Visit the Microsoft website for details.


EndNote helps you create bibliographies and add them to Microsoft Word documents in standard referencing formats. EndNote can be downloaded from the My Library tab in OASIS.

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Facilities and services

24-hour Computer labs

There are two 24-hour computer labs (known as Abacus Labs) on the Bentley campus available to all Curtin students. Student IT support staff are available in these labs and in additional helpdesks in Buildings 204 and 402 on the Bentley Campus throughout the year, including evenings and weekends during semester. The lab in the Curtin Graduate School of Business building located in Perth’s CBD is also open throughout the year. Additional computer labs are available in the Bentley Robertson Library and in school computer facilities.

Our Library

The Curtin Library online service gives you access to 600 electronic databases and 70,000 e-books 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It also provides online interactive tutorials and customised library guides.

You are able to access our libraries. Opening hours are available on the Library homepage.

Curtin Careers Centre

The Curtin Careers Centre offers a range of online resources to students including an online jobs board, career development resources and online careers fairs.

Counselling and Disability Services

Counselling sessions are available to online students via phone appointments. Disability Advisors provide support for students with disabilities and medical conditions that may impact on their studies. Contact the Counselling & Disability Services reception to make an appointment.

Grievance Resolution

The Professional Standards and Conduct Unit assists with advice on procedures to deal with unresolved appeals and complaints.

Postgraduate Students' Association (CUPSA)

CUPSA's main objective is to provide support and promote postgraduate students’ interests within the University.

Student Wellbeing Advisors

The Student Wellbeing Advisory Service is available to all Curtin students. If you’re unsure of where to go and what to do when experiencing an issue, you can contact an advisor for assistance. Queries received outside of staffed hours will be responded within one working day (Monday to Friday).

Student Mentor Program

Mentoring is available to online students who are new to Curtin. Mentors can assist you with your transition into studies during your first semester.

Student Guild

Curtin Student Guild plays a vital role in the student community by representing and promoting the common interests of its members.

The Learning Centre

The Learning Centre offers a range of online programs and resources to assist you in your course of study. Topics include time management, essay writing and exam preparation.


UniEnglish provides a range of resources, activities and links to further support if you’d like to improve your English skills.

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Getting organised

Load up on books

You’ll get your reading lists once you’ve enrolled for each of your classes through OASIS. You can buy your books online from the Co-op Bookshop. See Australian and international shipping costs and delivery times on the Co-op website.

If you’re struggling financially the Curtin Student Guild might be able to help you out with a Bookshop grant, donated by the Curtin Bookshop.

Student ID

It’s important to organise your Curtin Student ID as it provides you with proof that you are a Curtin student. You also require a Curtin Student ID to confirm your identity as a Curtin student for supervised assessment on or off our campuses. Your ID Card also provides you with access to 24 hour computer labs and after hours library services on our campuses.

Online students need to submit a completed ‘Application for student ID card – External student’ form with a passport sized photo attached.

External examinations

Information regarding external examinations will be sent to you as an Official Communicaion via OASIS. For more information see the External Students section of the Examinations website.

Curtin terminology

We use a lot of specific terminology at Curtin. Here’s a definition of terms to help you.

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General information


All students are expected to take part in Orientation. Orientation information and resources are available on the Orientation website.

Dates to know

The Academic Calendar contains the dates for student enrolment events, key study periods and holidays. The Census Dates Calendar has all census dates for current and past study years.

Current Students website

The Current Students website is a one-stop-shop for current students. It’s got links to a range of important information, as well as Latest News and Don’t Forget news feeds.

Look into the student administration section of the Current Students site for deadlines, enrolment and withdrawal, fees, exams and assessment policies.

Know your rights

As a Curtin student you have rights and responsibilities. It’s all part of our mission to make sure everyone treats each other with fairness, integrity and care. You can read what it all means for you in our Student Conduct Booklet.

Avoiding plagiarism

At no point during your studies is it okay to copy or plagiarise the work of other students or academics. It’s important to be absolutely clear on this by reading the Student Academic Integrity Booklet and/or the Copyright Dos and Don'ts.

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Visiting Curtin campuses

If you are visiting one of our campuses, visit the ‘Getting here’ page on our website.

Curtin Security

Curtin Security provides a 24-hour support service to the Bentley, Technology Park, Northam, Murray Street and Kalgoorlie campuses.

Non-emergency on campus: +61 08 9266 4444
Emergency (in Australia): 000
Emergency (outside of Australia): 112


You can find out more about parking at Bentley campus from the Parking & Traffic Office website. Information on the parking system can be viewed on the Pay As You Go website.


You can find your way around our campuses using the online campus map. The Lost on Campus App can help you find your way around campus on a smartphone.

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Financial help

Financial assistance

Tuition fees, textbooks, field trips; studying at university can be really expensive. To avoid getting hit by unexpected costs check the Fees website for information on what you need to be prepared for.

If you’re finding yourself stretched financially you may be eligible for some student funding:

Curtin Student Support and Outreach Services may also be able to assist you to source emergency relief support.

Electronic tax invoices

At Curtin we use electronic tax invoices for fees, known as eInvoices. You can see them through eStudent as soon as you enrol.

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