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What is Academic Status?

At the end of each study period you are awarded an ‘Academic Status’. Find out everything you need to know about the three levels of Academic Status here.

When you get your results, you receive a grade for each unit. You will also receive an Academic Status based on your academic performance for that study period.

There are three levels of Academic Status:

Good Standing: This means you have made good progress in your course (although it doesn’t necessarily mean that you passed every unit).

Conditional: This is a warning sign that your results need to improve. You are allowed to remain in the course, but you must take action to improve your academic performance.

Terminated: If your results don’t improve you will not be permitted to continue or re-enrol in the course. You will only be able to return to your current course if you lodge an appeal and it is successful.

Postgraduate Research Students

Your Academic Status is based on your progress in your course rather than your results. For more information on Academic Status for Postgraduate Research Students, visit Research Rules section on the Office of Research and Development website.

Want more information on Academic Status?

Visit the Assessment Policy for a formal statement on Academic Status.