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On Terminated Status?

If you have been placed on Terminated Status, you do have options. Find out about the support services available to you, including how to lodge an appeal, below.

Need to talk to someone?

Student Wellbeing Advisors and the Curtin Guild Student Assist are here to help.

Terminated Status means you are no longer allowed to continue in your current course.

For International Students on a student visa, being terminated from your course also has other consequences. If your appeal is unsuccessful you will be reported to the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection, which may lead to the cancellation of your student visa. If your student visa is cancelled, you may have to go back to your home country and risk being excluded from returning to Australia on all visas for three years.

If you are on Terminated Status you may like to approach the Department of Home Affairs to discuss your circumstances and the impact to your visa.

For more information on your Student Visa conditions visit the Department of Home Affairs.

What should I do now?

The Student Wellbeing Advisory Service and the Student Guild run information sessions for students who have been placed on Terminated Status.

These sessions will include information on:

  • Terminated Status and it’s consequences
  • Your options
  • How to appeal your status
  • Support services available to you

Semester 1, 2018 information session times

Don't forget to bring a copy of your Academic eRecord.

Please bring a printed copy of your Academic eRecord to these sessions. This will help your student advisor advise you based on your situation. Download your Academic eRecord from the My Results tab in eStudent.

Date Time Location
11 July 2018
3.00pm Building 401 Room 155, Bentley Campus
13 July 2018
3.00pm Building 401 Room 155, Bentley Campus
17 July 2018
3.00pm Building 407 Room 208, Bentley Campus
19 July 2018
10.00am  Building 407 Room 208, Bentley Campus
23 July 2018
3.00pm Building 407 Room 208, Bentley Campus

If you’re unable to attend these sessions you can also chat with a Student Wellbeing Advisor or the Curtin Guild Student Assist.

How do I appeal my Terminated Status?

There may have been factors outside of your control that impacted on your studies. If this is the case, you can request a review of your Terminated Status.

You will need to submit your appeal in writing (including documents to support your claim) to the Examinations Office within 20 working days of being notified of your Terminated Status.

Information and instructions on applying for a request for appeal can be found on the Academic Status Appeal website.

If you need help completing your request for appeal contact a Student Wellbeing Advisor.

Appeal period passed? Apply for re-admission

Please refer to the following FAQ for the relevant information on applying for readmission based on your  mode of study.