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Study skills and resources

Studying at uni can be a skill in itself. It might be different to what you're used to. Check out the resources on this page to brush up on a range of study skills.

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So what do we mean when we talk about 'study skills'? We're talking about getting the most out of your tutorials, labs and lectures. Where to start on your first assignment, how to prepare for your exams. We also cover the skills you need to apply in your classes and assignments - critical review, analysis and academic integrity.

Developing your study skills will make you a more effective learner - this means you'll perform better academically and find study a more enjoyable experience. You'll be prepared going into your classes, and get more out of them. You'll spend less time trying to work out how to do assignments, leaving more time to actually do them. By learning to be more effective in how you operate, you'll get more done, and will be more prepared to enter the workforce in the future.

Find out what to expect in various class types and assessments using the downloadable resources below. Attend our on campus workshops or popular UniPASS study sessions. Take advantage of the Academic Integrity online training, Library guides (LibGuides) and online assignment advice. Find a resource or service on this page that suits you.

Study guides

Download our study skills guides below.


Academic integrity, particularly avoiding plagiarism, is an important aspect of academic writing.

This academic integrity workshop will look at academic integrity and referencing techniques. You'll get the chance to practise critical reading, note-making, paraphrasing, synthesising and referencing skills - everything you need to get started with your academic writing.

Workshop facilitated by The Learning Centre.

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Our Mature Age Workshops are designed to help mature age students make a successful transition to university. This series of workshops focus on the skills you need:

  • learning about personal academic focus
  • motivation
  • building on strengths
  • defining goals
  • overcoming learning blocks
  • managing challenges, and
  • trouble-shooting problems.

Workshop facilitated by The Learning Centre.

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These Time Management workshops provide you with practical ways to manage your time, particularly focusing on self-management. You'll finish up being able to better manage your time and get more done.

Workshop facilitated by The Learning Centre.

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Critical Thinking workshops explore developing arguments using reasoning in academic writing. You'll walk away with an understanding of:

  • how arguments are constructed
  • evaluating formal and informal arguments
  • some creative and lesser known forms of argument that you can use.

Workshop facilitated by The Learning Centre.

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Weekly workshops in writing and study skills are run on the Kalgoorlie Campus. More information on topics, times and locations are available on Blackboard via OASIS.

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Programs and services

The StudySkills suite of online programs are available on demand, wherever you are in the world. They can help with improving a range of study-related skills, including:

  • writing sentences
  • writing essays
  • grammar
  • time management, and
  • academic integrity.

Visit StudySkills online for the full range of programs

Curtin's UniPASS program is a student-facilitated academic assistance program available on the Bentley, Sydney and Kalgoorlie Campuses. The programs aims to help you succeed in historically difficult first and second year units.

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