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Curtin University

Curtin Leaders Program

The Curtin Leaders Program combines leadership skills modules with volunteering, to help you learn more about yourself, how you work in teams and how to make positive change in your community.

Timetable for semester 1 workshops now available

Register now for our semester 1 face-to-face workshops, see timetable below, or check out Curtin Challenge.

As a Curtin student, the program is open to you at any stage of your degree. Completing the program involves the following 3 steps:

Step 1: Complete 5 leadership skills modules. Step 2: Participate in 10 hours of volunteering. Step 3: Reflect on your experience. Equals: Curtin Extra Certificate

Get the lowdown on leadership and learn the basics.

Explore what leadership means to you and to others. Identify the skills you already have and those you want to develop so you can have a positive impact in your community. Understand how you can become involved and contribute to making your world a better place. 

Download Leadership 101 module outline for more information. 

Discover what makes you tick and get more out of life!

Explore your values, strengths, weaknesses and blind spots. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses and working to your strengths can help you become more effective at managing yourself. It can also help you to become a better team member and team leader.

Download Self-Awareness module outline for more information. 

Stop procrastinating and start kicking goals.

Explore strategies that help you make the most of your time by setting and achieving meaningful goals. This can result in less stress, and more time to do the things you really want to do with people you really want to be with!

Download Goal Setting module outline for more information. 

Work better in teams and ace that group assignment.

Identify characteristics of successful teams and the challenges they face. Explore team problem solving and the importance of communication, motivation, goal setting and role allocation. Become a more effective team member and understand the responsibilities of team leaders.

Download Teamwork module outline for more information. 

Learn how to connect with people and make an impact on your audience. 

Practice effective communication skills to help you deliver memorable presentations. Learn how to influence, build rapport and inspire people to take action. Use the power of story-telling to engage others with your ideas.  

Download Public Speaking module outline for more information. 

Practice negotiation skills to get more from your study, work and play.

Learn how to handle conflict effectively. Many people view conflict as negative and uncomfortable, an issue to be avoided or ignored. Conflict however, can be a tool for positive change. Understand different types of conflict and learn skills that can help you create positive outcomes.

Download Conflict Management module outline for more information. 

Learn more about culture and set yourself up for a global career.

Learn how to work within and across cultures - an important skill sought after by employers. Explore your own and others cultures and what it takes to transition from one culture to another. Identify strategies that will help you to develop your own cultural competence.

Download Understanding Culture module outline for more information. 

Find out what’s important to you and make better choices.

Determine what to do in tough situations where there are no ‘right’ answers. Learn skills to help you reach the ‘best’ solution available when making difficult decisions. We explore different ethical frameworks and how these can help us to address big issues and to act in line with our values.

Download Decision Making module outline for more information.

Apply project management skills and meet and beat those assignment deadlines.

Gain an overview of the key aspects of project management. Be equipped with some of the basic tools and strategies to manage projects effectively. Establish your goals and then plan how to achieve them.

Download Project Management module outline for more information. 

Learn personal change strategies that stick. 

Understand the process of making changes in your life and the lives of others. Learn tools that will help you kick old habits and stick to new ones. Develop meaningful action plans and understand how small changes can lead to great achievements. 

Download Making Change module outline for more information. 

Face to face timetable for semester 1, 2017:






Leadership 101 Tuesday 7 March 6pm - 8pm 213:104 LT Register
Leadership 101 (repeat) Wednesday 8 March 12pm - 2pm 213:104 LT Register
Self-Awareness Wednesday 15 March 12pm - 2pm 213:104 LT Register
Goal Setting Wednesday 22 March 12pm - 2pm 213:104 LT Register
Public Speaking Wednesday 29 March 12pm - 2pm 213:104 LT Register
Teamwork Tuesday 4 April 6pm - 8pm 213:104 LT Register
Decision Making Wednesday 26 April 12pm - 2pm 213:104 LT Register
Conflict Management Tuesday 2 May 6pm - 8pm 213:104 LT Register
Understanding Culture Wednesday 10 May 12pm - 2pm 213:104 LT Register
Making Change Wednesday 17 May 12pm - 2pm 213:104 LT Register
Project Management Wednesday 24 May 12pm - 2pm 213:104 LT Register

You can complete our modules in any of the following ways:  

  1. Face to face - available on Bentley campus. Please register to attend our face to face modules through Curtin UniHub.
  2. Fully online – modules available on Curtin Challenge or Blackboard.
  3. Blended- your choice of both face to face and online.

Step 2. Participate in volunteering

Apply your leadership skills and knowledge to a real-world experience by completing a minimum of 10 hours of volunteering. From mentoring fellow students to helping communities in regional and metropolitan WA, you’ll have a great time and make a real difference in your community.

Some opportunities currently available on Bentley campus:

    For further assistance and support in sourcing volunteer opportunities please get in touch with us.

    For opportunities external to Bentley campus please contact your campus:

    Kalgoorlie Campus - Student Wellbeing Advisor

    Sarawak Malaysia Campus - University Life

    Singapore Campus - Student Career Centre

    Sydney Campus - Student Services 

    Step 3. Reflect on your experience

    Reflect on what you have learnt from doing the leadership skills modules and your volunteering by completing an online survey.

    Disclaimer: Curtin University reserves the right to alter the composition of any co-curricular course or program to ensure learning outcomes retain maximum relevance.