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Curtin University

Staff accommodation

Accommodation services, advice and resources available to staff members of Curtin University.

This advice is mostly relevant to staff at Bentley and other Perth metropolitan campuses. Staff from both regional and international campuses can contact them directly for on and off campus staff advice.

While staff generally can't live in residence on campus at Bentley, there are many services still available to staff members. Staff have access to the year round off campus listings we maintain (at our Bentley campus office building 103) of rooms, rentals and full board. New staff moving to Curtin from other areas or even current staff, can contact us with questions on the rental market, suburb suitability, transport requirements, tenancy law and contracts as well as short term housing for themselves or visitors. Staff can also list vacant rooms or rentals they have with us for free.

Staff are also welcome to contact us on behalf of prospective students for general accommodation advice, or if they are aware of students with accommodation difficulties.