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Curtin University

Enrolling your Child

Find out everything you need to know about enrolling your child into Curtin University Early Childhood Centre, including access to a Waiting List Application form.

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Step 1: Complete the Waiting List Application form

Priority of placement is given to staff and students of Curtin University. As this Centre is located on a University campus, vacancies usually occur at the beginning of each year, with some changes occurring during each semester. We strongly recommend that you also place applications with other child care centres to maximise your chances of gaining a place for your child.

Please complete the Waiting List Application form below to place your child's name on the Waiting List.  If you have more than one child to add to the Waiting List you need to complete one form per child.

It is the responsibility of parents to contact the Centre to update this form should their contact information change. Failure to do so could result in applicants missing a vacancy if they are unable to be contacted.

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Step 2: The Centre will contact you when a vacancy occurs

When a vacancy occurs, the parent of the child next on the Waiting List who is of a similar age and wanting alike days will be phoned and offered a place. If there are not as many days available as requested, parents are advised to take the days that are offered. Once attending the Centre, priority families with wait listed days are offered the extra days first when they become available.

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Step 3: Visit the Centre

Once a position has been offered to a child, the parents are invited to visit and tour the Centre before they make their decision to accept the place. The place will only be held open for 48 hours. If the place is not confirmed by this time the offer is withdrawn and offered to the next person on the Waiting List.

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Step 4: Pay a deposit to confirm your child’s place

A deposit of two weeks full fees (number of days taken) is requested at this time as confirmation to hold the place until the child's commencement date at the Centre. This deposit is used towards the payment of the first amount of fees so that parents are always two weeks in advance.

It is very important for parents and children to become familiar with the Centre, their classroom and the Educators. An enrolment session and orientation period is offered to every child and parent. It is recommended that most children have at least three visits with their parents in the Centre before their commencement date.

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