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About living off campus

Before signing a lease agreement, please make sure you have read the information about living off campus. It is advised to not sign contracts from overseas or without viewing the property.

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Housing advisory service

We will give you a lot of help to find what you want off campus. Interstate, international and country students may be driven to view off campus accommodation (conditions apply).

The housing advisory service has a large database of private off campus accommodation. We take well over 1000 off campus listings a year.

The staff are trained in tenancy legislation, and help out if you have a problem with your landlord or other tenants. In the rare event that you have a legal issue with accommodation, we will assist you, and even go to court with you if necessary.

Everything concerned with housing, we will be able to help, short term and visitor, finding or listing accommodation, disputes, transport and hiring advice etc. We will even advise builders and develops the best accommodation to build nearby for students.

Contact us.

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All students have access to accommodation listings, housing advice, tenancy law advice as well as help with public transport information.

Students, staff and the general public can also list their properties if they have a vacant room, homestay or rental property. New students to Perth are also eligible for our transport and accommodation location service. Staff members have access to our off campus accommodation listings and housing advice. Curtin College students have their own accommodation services.

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How to apply

There are no application forms to fill out for off campus housing prior to arriving. Because all off campus accommodation is privately owned and not controlled by the university, we advise that you see a place before signing a lease.

Do not ask your friends to find accommodation before you arrive. Many students put pressure on those already living here to find accommodation for them or sign up for accommodation before they arrive. This is understandable, because students and parents are concerned about finding accommodation, but it is not a good idea.

Every year some students get into trouble with this. Often students arrive and find the place is not what they thought, or that they could have got cheaper or better easily. We are dedicated to finding off campus accommodation for students very quickly, especially for those new to Perth, so it is not worth the risk to take a place unseen from overseas. Most new students find accommodation the day they come to see us, as we will even drive new to Perth students to view accommodation options, but we say two or three days is usual, once all the paperwork is done. It is rare for accommodation to take longer than a week.

When you decide to take accommodation there will most often be contracts to sign. Rental contracts are usually standard. Room only contracts may be more informal. Some people renting rooms do not ask for a contract, However it is always advisable to have the terms in writing. We can provide a simple room contract you can use if your landlord does not have one.

There are laws governing renting accommodation. We can advise you if there is a dispute.

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Before you sign the lease (contract)

The first rule of off campus accommodation. Do not pay for or sign contracts for accommodation you have not seen. Students ignoring this have lost thousands of dollars. Some may also find the accommodation unsuitable when they arrive.

You do not need to book for off campus accommodation before you arrive. You can email us with your requirements beforehand, or you can come and see us in building 103. Do not book or sign for accommodation without seeing it. It is safest to do it all when you get here. The off campus accommodation market is not controlled by the university. Quality, conditions and convenience will vary greatly. There are also internet accommodation scans that you need to be aware of. Do not ask your friends to book accommodation for you. We provide an excellent service, and it is far better for you to view properties yourself and meet others you may live with.

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Hiring and buying goods

Most accommodation offered near the university will be furnished, especially room rental situations. However sometimes whole rentals may be unfurnished, particularly if they are a little further from the campus. There are companies that hire furniture, and many that will hire electrical equipment. Students living in Perth for longer than a year may find it cheaper to buy furniture and sell it when they leave.

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Perth is a very safe city, however students should take precautions whether they live on or off campus. Generally security will be more dependant on the property itself than the area. Close to the university there is a big range of accommodation. Newer houses will be more expensive, but are more likely to have better security. Older houses will be cheaper, but will not be as secure. As with all things, with home security, you get what you pay for. For personal security students should take the sort of precautions they would anywhere. Don't walk by yourself late at night. Don't carry large amounts of cash. You should also insure your belongings. Landlord's insurance will not cover your belongings.

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Setting up internet service

Most older houses will have one phone line, but newer accommodation is much more likely to have a phone line to each room. Broadband is available in some but not all areas around the university. You should check with potential landlords about the situation at a property before taking it. There are many private service providers in Perth.Other students are often the best source of information on telephone and internet companies.

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Perth is a very easy city for drivers. Roads are good and traffic is light compared to most cities in the world. Those with cars will find it quite easy to get to the campus from most of the city. Some areas will be better than others for public transport. Generally into and out of the city will be fine, but getting across suburbs will be harder. If you will be relying on public transport we will advise you on appropriate areas to live. Visit Properties for more detailed information on the location of nearby suburbs.

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