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About Curtin's Early Childhood Centre

The quality of care in the Curtin University Early Childhood Centre is based on respect for each child and assisting children to build trust in others and themselves, providing a warm and caring environment for the children to grow and learn.

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All staff have qualifications in Children's Services or Education and all of the children’s rooms have a number of qualified staff providing care and education to the children. Two Early Childhood Teachers are employed as leaders in the 3-5 year old preschool areas.

The Centre offers a high number of places for children aged less than 2 years in four nurseries. There are also two groups for 2-3 year old children, and two groups for 3-5 year old children.

As demand for the Centre is high, priority is given to staff and students of the University.

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The centre is registered with the Commonwealth Government's Department of Human Services as a registered Child Care Provider. This registration links the Centre to both the Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate for eligible families as well as the Assessment process for Accreditation - The National Quality Standard

This Accreditation system is designed to provide quality standards, assist with the identification of aspects of quality practices already in place while also identifying areas of practice for continual improvement.  It is a system reliant on reflective practice for both individuals and the team as a whole. 

Services that are registered must also adhere to the State Government's Law and Regulation requirements.

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Health and Hygiene

A health and hygiene focus is extremely important to the care of the children, especially when in group care. Good food nutrition and acknowledgement of dietary requirements are provided by a full-time chef, with children encouraged to try different foods.

Educators are vigilant with their hygiene standards and encourage the children to practice good hygiene. The Centre follows the Western Australian Department of Health Communicable Disease Guidelines and the National Health and Medical Research Council's Staying Healthy in Childcare when there is an outbreak of a communicable disease.

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Partnering with Parents

The Centre values its partnership with parents who place their children in its care and encourages the regular exchange of information about the children so that the care and education provided can be tailored to each child's strengths, needs and interests.

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A Centre for everyone

Research has stated that a child’s development is closely linked to the quality of their experiences and relationships with others. As the Centre is situated on a University campus, the children who attend often come from very different cultural backgrounds that enrich the program. An inclusive approach is provided for all the children who attend the Centre.

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Providing routine and developing independence

The nurseries provide specialised individual care around the daily routines of feeding, sleeping and nappy times for the children. Developing independence and self esteem is at the core of the Centre's program together with building curiosity and problem solving skills.

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Continuity of Care

The Centre endeavours to keep children's groups together for the year, moving all children together as a group when they change rooms at the beginning of each year. At this time we undertake to move a familiar Educator from their group up with them to their new environment, providing continuity of care that is important in providing security to children.

To find out more about the Centre please contact us.

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