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Curtin University

Renting a property in Perth

Currently Perth has a very tight rental market. Those looking for bargains will need to arrive early, well before semester begins.

For example, the cheapest 1 bedroom apartments will be $300 per week, but most of these will be rented out well before semester starts, and most remaining apartments will be well over $400 per week. If you need this type of accommodation, arrive as early as possible.

2 bedroom apartments will start from $350 per week but supply is limited, and most will be more expensive.

3 bedroom houses will start from $400 per week.

Arrive in Perth early if you need full rental accommodation.

Renting a property means moving into vacant accommodation. Expenses are usually not included. Rentals can be furnished, unfurnished or furnished and equipped. Equipped means that cooking utensils, bed linen etc will be provided. In furnished accommodation, bedroom, dining and lounge furniture will be included. Unfurnished accommodation will generally only have a stove (cooker).

In Perth the most common lease (contract) periods are 6 or 12 months. Sometimes leases shorter than 6 months can be arranged, but it is likely to be more expensive and there will be less choices.

Rents are always quoted by the week here, and generally paid every 2 weeks in advance. A bond (security deposit) of 4 weeks of rent is almost always taken. This is refunded at the end of the tenancy minus any costs for damage.