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Curtin University

Offer accommodation

How to offer rooms, rentals and full board accommodation to Curtin staff and students. Registration form, resources and other information.

Private landlords, real estate agents, and even students with a spare room in their house can offer accommodation to Curtin's staff, students or visitors. Housing Services takes or updates 2-3000 accommodation listings every year.

You can register accommodation for free and manage your listings.

Peak demand.

Peak student enquiry times in the Housing Advisory Service are January, February, March, and then June and July. University Dates for 2014 are as follows.

Semester 2 commences 4th August and finishes 28th November. (including exams)

Most new students arrive in the month before these dates. Outside these times there is always some demand, although November and December are very quiet. We accept listings at any time of year.

Prices and features.

The university housing service doesn't set prices, but we can give you some guidelines as to current rates.

In 2012 the average price for a furnished room is $170 per week, usually with no expenses included.

Rooms with their own attached bathrooms usually rent for $180-$220 per week.

Some landlords prefer to include expenses in the rent. $15-$20 dollars per week per person as a rough guide will cover most utilities, however you will need to decide the right amount yourself. Another alternative is to charge utilities as a percentage of the bills when they come in. Make sure how the tenant will be charged utilities is clear before they move in.

For full rental properties, we recommend you look at real estate websites as a guide to setting your prices.

Services available for landlords.

In the unlikely event that you have a tenancy dispute, (or if your tenants have a dispute with each other) we offer an impartial mediation and advice service through our office. If students are having financial or personal problems, Curtin has extensive student support services that you can recommend.

Housing Advisory Service information will periodically via e-mail send out current information about University teaching dates and programs and housing industry news.

We also give landlords advice on contracts and tenancy legislation. For free.

Builders and developers.

The Housing Advisory Service gives free advice to developers who are thinking about building off campus accommodation suitable for Curtin staff and students. We advise on the type of accommodation in demand, transport routes, and features typically required by students or staff. We won't specifically endorse a project, but we can make sure developers are on the right track before creating student accommodation. Our staff are very knowledgable about the accommodation market.


What are we looking for?

We are looking for any kind of accommodation in the general area of the university in Bentley or in the central city. The main demand is from around Bentley campus. Generally students are looking for furnished rooms, but full rentals are also in demand. The service does not set the prices.


Whether you are a landlord with multiple properties, or a student renting out a single spare room, you need to comply with the tenancy laws of Western Australia. Tenancy law has some strict requirements and harsh penalties for non compliance. You really do need to know what you are doing.

The Residential Tenancies Act 1987 is the law that covers rental accommodation in Western Australia.  It outlines your rights and responsibilities as a landlord if you are renting out a room or a property. If you go the Department of Commerce website you will find all the information you need to ensure you are abiding by the law.  For example it tells you how much rent can be taken in advance, how to lodge your bond and gives you information about providing receipts, notices etc. Contracts, property condition reports, and official forms can also be downloaded. You can also contact us for advice.