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Suburbs near Bentley campus

Curtin's Bentley campus is situated in a suburban setting 8km from the City Centre, Because of student demand, most accommodation near the university is furnished, although in the greater Perth area, most accomodation is unfurnished.

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The University campus is in Bentley. The suburb has many 3, 4 and 5 bedroom houses, some new, but many older and cheaper properties. Some of Bentley will be walking distance to the university, but the further areas will be bike riding or short driving distance away. No smaller apartments are in Bentley, only 3 bedroom and larger houses. This is the suburb where the greatest number of Curtin students live.

Highlights: Affordable housing, walking distance to campus.

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Como is a pleasant riverside suburb about 5 minutes drive from the Bentley campus and 15 minutes drive from the Graduate School of Business building in the city centre. Buses 555, 33 and 34 service some of Como, but much of this suburb is more suited to those with a car or those prepared to ride at least 20 minutes by bike. The 100 and 101 buses connect Curtin to the Canning Bridge bus station, which is in Como. Much of the Southern end of Como will be withing walking distance of this service and the train to the city. Smaller apartments, especially 2 bedroom, can be found in Como, as well as bigger houses and townhouses.

Highlights: Close to the river and train, there also lots of apartments in the area.

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East Victoria Park

East Victoria Park adjoins the North Eastern edge of the university so some of this suburb will be walking distance from campus. A popular area to live for students, because regular buses 72, 98 and 99 service this area. Most of East Victoria Park consists of large houses of 3-6 bedrooms in which many single room (share housing) options can be found. No smaller apartments are available in this area.

Highlights: new developments, closest to business school end of campus, walking distance and best bus service.

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Karawara is a suburb next to the Western edge of the University and has seen major redevelopment over the past few years. Most of this suburb is walking distance from the campus. Buses 33 and 34 also travel to the city from Karawara as well as the 100 & 101 which connect with the station at Canning Bridge. The largest shopping centre in the area is also in Karawara. Mostly 3 bedroom houses, Karawara does not have any smaller apartments. A mixture of brand new houses and older cheaper properties.

Highlights: The Collier Park public golf course and Karawara Shopping Centre.

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Kensington is a pleasant older suburb about half way between the Bentley campus and the city. Mostly large older homes. There are no smaller apartments in this suburb. Kensington is close to the city and river and the Victoria Park shopping area. Buses 34 and 72 service this area.

Highlights: near to the city, pleasant area. Convenient public transport.

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Manning has mostly 3 bedroom houses. It is not walking distance to the campus, but it will be a 5 minute drive or short bike ride away. No small apartments are in Manning. The 555 bus services a part of Manning, but this is not a frequent service, near to Manning Road, some accommodation will be accesible to the 100 & 101 buses.


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Students attending classes in the Graduate School of Business building, situated in the City Centre, generally choose to live nearby. Other students may prefer to live closer to the city as well. Perth, East Perth West Perth and Highgate have mostly apartments, 1,2 and 3 bedroom.

Highlights: Close to city life and shopping and the Graduate School of Business building.


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Saint James

Saint James (St James) is a suburb north east of the university. One corner of Saint James adjoins the campus. Some of Saint James will be walking distance to the university but most will be bike riding distance.It has lots of older houses, but a lot of new development as well. There are no smaller apartments, mostly three bedroom houses. Some of Saint James is serviced by the 98 & 99 buses. These areas near to Hillview Terrace will be very convenient to the university.

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South Perth

Luxury accommodation can be found in South Perth, especially near the river, however there are less expensive options as well. One of Perth's older established suburbs, South Perth has a mixture of 1 and 2, bedroom apartments, as well as larger established houses. There is a lot of short term hotel and apartment accommodation in South Perth, suitable for Curtin visitors.

It is a very popular area for students and staff of the university. Many parts of South Perth are accessible to Curtin by bus, but it is also a few minutes drive or sometimes a bicycle ride away. The 33 & 34 buses travel to Curtin.

Highlights: The Swan River, cafes, restaurants, The Zoo, riverside bike paths and availability of apartment and short term accommodation.

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Victoria Park

All types of accommodation can be found in Victoria Park, (or Vic Park as locals call it) - a suburb halfway between Curtin and the city and one of the most popular areas for staff and students at Curtin to live.If you want to rent a 1 bedroom furnished apartment, you'll probably find it in Victoria Park, along with many houses, townhouses, villas and small apartment blocks.Highlights - food, second hand, furniture and other shops, availability of small apartments. Not walking distance, but frequent buses run to the university, (72).

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Waterford is a quite new suburb across the road from the University. Although Waterford has mostly 3, 4 & 5 bedroom houses they are usually large, new and good quality. Waterford is an easy walk to the campus grounds. Families in Waterford often rent out rooms to students

Highlights of living in this area is that some parts of the suburb are walking distance to Curtin, the river and the Karawara Shopping centre, and it also has many large luxury homes.

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Wilson is a large suburb near the university. There is a lot of inexpensive housing in Wilson, mostly in older 3 bedroom houses. A little of Wilson is walking distance to the university, but most will be accessible via the 72 or 34 buses. There are no smaller apartments. There is a lot of redevelopment happening in Wilson, with many of the older style homes being replaced with new accommodation. This will be an increasingly popular area for staff and students.

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Other areas

Perth is not a large city, so it is quite easy to get around. Much of the city will be less than 30 minutes drive from campus. Public transport may not be easy in some cases, but for those with a car roads are good, and traffic is light. Other popular areas for students to live are East Perth, Fremantle, Cottesloe (beach) and Scarborough (beach). Those with classes in the Curtin Graduate School of Business building in the Perth CBD will often live in inner city suburbs such as Highgate and East Perth.

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