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Curtin University

Religious equity

Curtin University recognises, respects and values the religious diversity of its students, staff and community, and has a range of policies in place for special arrangements in examinations and graduations.

Religious equity recognises the important of religious practise and obligations for staff and students and endeavours to support their religious practices on campus. See the Curtin University Campus Life Policy page for more information.

Some of the ways that Curtin supports religious diversity include:

  • Providing religious equity examinations and assessments for students whose examination schedule clashes with their religious convictions
  • Providing religious equity graduation arrangements for students whose scheduled graduation ceremony clashes with their religious convictions
  • Upholding, wherever feasible, conscientious objections of students and staff
  • Protecting the Curtin community from religious harassment
  • Ensuring appropriate facilities and arrangements can be made to support our students and staff.

Examinations and assessmentsExaminations and assessments

Information regarding religious equity examinations and assessments at Curtin.


Information regarding religious equity graduation arrangements at Curtin.