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Disability Advisors can help to reduce the impact of your disability on all aspects of university life by assisting you to identify potential barriers you may face, negotiate the support you need and access services.

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Assistance and support with study needs

Disability Advisors can assist you if, due to a disability or medical condition, you are having difficulties with:

  • accessing study materials and other University information
  • meeting due dates for assignments
  • managing your workload
  • talking with academic staff about your requirements
  • attending classes
  • other issues with accessing your studies or Curtin's services and facilities.

Assistance with specific learning needs

We can assist with:

  • arranging materials in accessible formats (e.g. electronic, Braille, audio, large print, transcripts or captions)
  • arranging for note takers, interpreters and other support staff
  • providing equipment and technology required for study
  • other arrangements/equipment as required.

Please provide us with as much notice as possible if you require any of these services, particularly alternative format materials. It may take up to 8 weeks to provide the required formats depending on availability.

Access to library services

A Disability Advisor may assist you to access specialised library services for students with disability or medical conditions. These services include:

  • access to Room 325 in the Robertson Library (building 105) which contains specialised equipment and software
  • assistance with photocopying, retrieval of items
  • use of off-campus services
  • materials in alternative formats
  • equity door access (level 3 of the library)
  • access to lockers.

For more information please visit the Library services for students with disabilities and Reciprocal arrangements with other universities pages.

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Advice and information for prospective students

If you are thinking of applying to Curtin and want to know more about how we can assist students with disability, please contact a Disability Advisor as early as possible, preferably before you commence. If you have complex needs, we will require as much notice as possible to put support in place for you.

We can also advise you on:

  • Special Consideration Entry
  • orientation programs
  • accessibility issues
  • student support services
  • managing the enrolment process.

Please go to our Disability services for prospective students page for more information.

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Curtin Access Plan

Curtin Access Plan (CAP) is a document provided by Disability Services that outlines the type and level of support required by a student with disability at Curtin.

To develop a CAP, you must arrange an appointment with a Disability Advisor (by phone or in person) and provide supporting documentation from your treating health professional. You will then be provided with your completed CAP to distribute to academic staff members, such as Unit Coordinators, as needed. It can also be forwarded directly to academic staff by the Disability Advisor at your request.

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Alternative examination arrangements

Disability Services can also organise alternative examination arrangements if you have disability or medical condition that impacts on your ability to sit an exam under standard conditions.

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Physical access and parking

For information on physical access and parking in Curtin, please go to the Access and Parking page.

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Physical facilities

Resting room

A resting room is available on Level 2 of the Robertson library, Bentley campus. It can be used for up to one hour by students who need to rest while on campus, due to a disability or medical problem. Access is arranged through Disability Services.

Fitness centre services

Curtin Fitness Centre offers one-on-one assistance for people with disability needs with their exercise program. The program is run in conjunction with Curtin Volunteers. For further information, visit the Curtin Recreation website.

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Mobility assistance

Wheelchair recharging and overnight storage

Arrangements can be made for overnight recharging and storage of mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs in Building 213. Please discuss your needs with a Disability Advisor.

Mobility scooter

Image of a mobility scooter

A mobility scooter for students, staff or visitors with mobility impairments is available for short term loan on the Bentley campus through Disability Services, subject to availability. It is stored in the wheelchair recharge facility.


A manual wheelchair is available for short term loan from Disability Services, subject to availability.

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Companion Card program

Curtin is an affiliate of the Companion Card Program, which gives people with disability equitable access to Curtin community activities and events.

Under this program, Curtin has agreed to issue cardholders with a second ticket to Curtin events for their companions at no additional cost. The person with disability (cardholder) will be required to present his/her card when making the request. For more information, visit the Companion Card program.

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A newsletter is sent each semester to all students who indicate on eStudent (through OASIS) that they would like to receive information about Disability Services. Please go to the Disability Services newsletters page for more information.

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