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Make an appointment

To book an appointment, you can book online or contact the Health Services reception.

You can book non-urgent appointments online. Alternatively, you can make an appointment over the phone or in person.

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How to make or cancel an appointment

To encourage patients to cancel if they no longer want an appointment, we charge a non-attendance fee.

If you have made an appointment which you cannot attend or no longer require, please cancel it at least 30 minutes beforehand. You can cancel by calling 9266 7345, texting 0411 448 947, or if you booked using Appointuit, via the website or smartphone app. If you receive an SMS reminder of your appointment you can also cancel by replying to the text.

We do run an appointment system, but urgent medical problems will be dealt with as promptly as possible. Please tell our staff if you feel you need urgent assistance. You can book an appointment by phoning 9266 7345, attending the Health Service, building 109 Bentley Campus or use the Appointuit app for smartphones.       

Our appointments are scheduled for 15 minutes. If you have many questions to ask the doctor, or have a complex health problem, please ask the receptionist for a longer consultation. If you have a doctor that you prefer to see, we make efforts to ensure that you can make appointments with them, althought this may not always be possible.

As part of quality health care, we encourage patients to let our staff know about your cultural background and the name of an emergency contact person in Perth (e.g. a relative or friend)

If you make an appointment and are unable to keep it, please let us know as soon as possible. Repeated failure to attend appointments without cancellation may mean that the Health Service may restrict your ability to see a doctor in a non-emergency situation.

Sometimes our schedule may be disrupted by a medical emergency. If you have to wait to see the doctor we apologise - believe it or not, we do try to run on time!

You can contact a doctor or nurse in the Health Service by phone during normal surgery hours. If the doctor is unable to talk to you, the call will be returned as soon as possible. Emergency calls will be given immediate attention. If you want to speak to a nurse regarding tests that you have had, please call between 2-3pm on any weekday. Your doctor or nursing staff will contact you if a test result requires urgent attention, but we encourage all patients to ensure that they are aware of the result of all tests arranged by your doctor.

Our nurse is also available until 6.00pm Monday to Friday. She can treat emergencies and injuries, and coordinate further care if necessary.

Medical emergencies will be seen without an appointment.




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Our doctors

Our team of doctors are:

  • Dr Greg Blight
  • Dr Terence Choy
  • Dr Fiona Coombes  
  • Dr Suan Goh
  • Dr Anne Minty
  • Dr Aru Natchimuthoo
  • Dr Roger Palmer
  • Dr Karen Poole
  • Dr Kylie Seow
  • Dr Mary White

Our doctors are available 8.00am-4:30pm Monday to Friday, by appointment.

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Nurse availability

A nurse is in attendance 8:00am-6.00pm Monday to Friday.

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