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Information about Curtin Access Plans

A Curtin Access Plan is a document that outlines the support recommended by Disability Services to assist a student with disability in their studies. Schools and departments are required to comply with these recommendations as far as possible.

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What is a Curtin Access Plan?

A Curtin Access Plan (CAP) is the official document used by Disability Services to recommend the reasonable adjustments a student with  disability or medical condition may be eligible for while studying at Curtin. The information contained in the CAP about a student's disability, if any, is determined in conjunction with the student and with their consent. 

In order to develop a CAP, all students will have an Intake Interview with a Disability Advisor, in person or by telephone. They will also have to provide supporting documentation from their treating health professional prior to the CAP being finalized.

The CAP has recommendations for Coursework and Assessment where applicable. Please note that the recommendations are subject to discussion and negotiation either with the student or the Disability Advisor. Please don't hesitate to contact the Disability Advisor if you have any queries or concerns about the content of the CAP.

CAPs will have a review date after which they are invalid. If a CAP is due for review, the student is required to contact a Disability Advisor to update their CAP and provide any required additional documentation.

Sample CAP [67.37 kb]

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How is a Curtin Access Plan distributed?

Students will be provided with an electronic version and hard copies of their CAP, and are asked to distribute it to their Unit Coordinators at the start of each semester or within two weeks of the CAP being developed.

The Unit Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that the recommended reasonable adjustments are made for the student.  Once a CAP is received it can be distributed to other staff on a 'need-to-know' basis, for the purpose of making reasonable adjustments.

While student centred distribution is the preferred method, a CAP will occasionally be distributed by a Disability Advisor with the student's consent.

Once presented by the student, school is responsible for confidential storage and management of CAP information to ensure that student's needs are met.


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What disability information will be included in the Curtin Access Plan?

Disclosure of disability can be a sensitive topic and many students are concerned about university staff knowing about their disability. The CAP allows a student to have their disability related needs met without disclosing their disability each time they require a 'reasonable adjustment'.

All students who present a CAP have fully disclosed their disability to a Disability Advisor and will also have provided supporting documentation from their treating health professional. All disability information is handled according to the Counselling and Disability Services confidentiality policy.

The disability information in the CAP is provided with the student's consent. In most cases, the CAP will state that a student has a 'disability' or 'medical condition' without giving further information.



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Do I have to comply with the Curtin Access Plan?

It is a legal requirement that students with disabilities are provided with reasonable adjustments by the university, however there may be some negotiation around the adjustments recommended in the CAP.

In deciding on an adjustment to be made, the education provider may assess whether there is any other reasonable adjustment that would be suitable for the student. There are also exceptions such as when the adjustment causes unjustifiable hardship or impacts on health and safety.

If the nature of the course or unit makes it difficult or inappropriate to implement the adjustments recommended in the CAP, please contact the Disability Advisor to discuss suitable alternatives.

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What should I do when I receive a Curtin Access Plan?

If you are the Unit Coordinator please acknowledge receipt of the CAP and touch base with the student to discuss their requirements in more detail.

If there are any concerns or questions about the content of the CAP please contact the Disability Advisor.

Please distribute the CAP to any staff directly involved in providing the recommended reasonable adjustments. These staff may include tutors, lab staff or administrative staff who manage school based exams.

Store the CAP confidentially according to Faculty procedures. Please respect the student's confidentiality at all times.

If you are not the Unit Coordinator please ensure that the relevant Unit Coordinator has a copy of the CAP.


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How does the Curtin Access Plan relate to exam arrangements?

The Curtin Access Plan (CAP) may include recommendations for examinations that are run by the school or department. If the student has not presented their CAP at the start of the semester or study period, they are required to provide their CAP to the relevant unit coordinator at least 2 weeks before the school -based assessment to request the alternative arrangements.

Arrangements for centrally-scheduled examinations are made by Disability Services and the Examinations office and are in place for the duration of the CAP. A deadline exists for new arrangements of changes to existing arrangements which is 3 weeks before the start of the examination fortnight.

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How does a Curtin Access Plan apply to extensions?

A Curtin Access Plan is considered appropriate  supporting documentation for an assignment extension for the time frame specified on the Plan. Extensions beyond the specified timeframe require additional documentation in accordance with the Assessment Extension policy.

Student are informed however, that extensions are subject to negotiation with the Unit Coordinator before the due date. It is recognized that some assessments such as practical or group assessments cannot be easily extended. Alternative forms of assessment may need to be found in these situations. Student are also informed that they are required to follow school processes to apply for extensions, which in most cases requires completion of the Assessment Extension application form.

CAPs cannot be used to support extensions on the dates of tests and exams. Students must provide appropriate documentation in accordance with the Assessment Extension policy.




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Can I request additional documentation if I am presented with a Curtin Access Plan?

No, because all students who present a Curtin Access Plan (CAP) will have provided appropriate medical documentation to the Disability Advisor. Recommendations made in the CAP are already based on a thorough assessment of their situation.

CAPs are also considered sufficient supporting documentation for Assessment Extensions, provided that this is made explicit in the CAP.

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