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Frequently asked questions

This page provides answers to frequently asked questions by students.

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How is disability defined?

The definition of disability is broad and includes medical conditions, mental health problems, learning disabilities, temporary illnesses or injuries, and cognitive disabilities.

Please visit the Legal definition of disability section for more information.

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Do I qualify for assistance?

If you are a student with a disability or medical condition diagnosed by a doctor or other qualified health service provider and this condition impacts on your studies, you are eligible for support through Disability Services. In most cases you will need to provide recent Health Professional documentation. For more information, visit the eligibility page.

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How do I get assistance?

Please see 'How to register for disability assistance' or contact us to discuss your situation. You could also talk to a Unit Coordinator or Course Coordinator if you feel comfortable to do so. In most cases you will be required to provide appropriate documentation from your treating health professional.

Please note that it is your responsibility to request the support or reasonable adjustments you require, either through Disability Services or relevant University staff.

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What kind of assistance is available?

The assistance available to you depends on your individual needs. Some of the services available are:

  • specialised equity library services
  • alternative examination arrangements
  • assistance with access difficulties
  • alternative format study materials.

If you are having difficulty managing your studies and you have a disability, please feel free to talk to a Disability Advisor. If we can't provide the assistance you need, we can link you with others areas of the University who may be able to assist.

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Do I have to tell the University about my disability?

While disclosure of a disability is not compulsory, we encourage you to discuss any disability or medical condition with a Disability Advisor if it is likely to affect your studies so that support or assistance can be made available to you.

Disclosure of a disability is required in the following circumstances:

  • You are requesting support to accommodate your disability. This may include alternative exam arrangements or extensions on due dates of work.
  • Your disability affects your safe participation in on campus activities and/or fieldwork placements.
  • Your disability may affect the health and safety of others.

For more information about disclosure, please go to the Disclosing a disability page.

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Do I have to provide any documentation when I see a Disability Advisor?

You can see a Disability Advisor for a discussion at any time, however if you would like the University to formally make accommodations for your disability or medical condition, you must provide appropriate health professional documentation.

A recent letter from your doctor or treating health professional is usually required, outlining the nature of your disability or medical condition and how it affects your studies. The letter could also include any recommendations for how we can accommodate your situation.

If you are unsure of what is required, please contact us.

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What is a Curtin Access Plan and how do I get one?

Curtin Access Plan (CAP) is a document generated by Disability Services that outlines the type and level of support required by a Curtin student with a disability. The CAP is a confidential document that you can distribute to academic staff as needed. It can also be sent to nominated staff members by the Disability Advisor at your request.

To prepare a CAP, please contact us.

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How do I make exam arrangements?

Alternative exam arrangements are outlined in a Curtin Access Plan and valid for the duration of the plan. It is your responsibility to provide the CAP to Unit Coordinators to arrange school scheduled tests and exams, however centrally run exams (end of semester ) are arranged through the Examinations office

Please note that the same deadlines do not apply to Open Universities Australia (OUA) students.

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Is there assistance for people with mental health problems?

Students who have mental health problems are eligible for support through Disability Services, and can also access free counselling services. Information about managing mental health difficulties and how to find assistance is available on the Counselling Service website.

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Will my lecturers or other students find out that I have contacted Disability Services?

Information disclosed to Disability Services is confidential, in accordance with our confidentiality policy. However, there are some limits to confidentiality, which are outlined in the policy.

Your Curtin Access Plan may include some information about your disability or health condition if you are comfortable with this disclosure.

A Disability Advisor will be able to assist you to decide when it may be appropriate to disclose a disability and the best way to go about this.

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Are international students eligible for assistance?

Yes. International students are entitled to the same services offered to domestic students at no cost.

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What would I do if I felt that I'd been discriminated against on the grounds of a disability?

Curtin is committed to providing equal opportunity in education.

If you feel you are being discriminated against, you could discuss your circumstances with a Disability Advisor, the Student GuildEthics Equity and Social Justice or the Integrity and Standards Unit.

To lodge a complaint, please contact the Head of School/Area or the Integrity and Standards Unit.

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