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Curtin University

Frequently asked questions

This page provides answers to frequently asked questions by visitors with disability.

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How easy is it to get around Curtin's Bentley campus?

The Bentley campus is large and can be quite steep in some areas, so it can be challenging for people with mobility impairments. Please plan your visit carefully by using maps available online and/or by contacting the area you are visiting or Disability Services for advice.

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Is accessible parking easily available at Curtin's Bentley campus?

For ACROD permit holders, disability parking bays are conveniently located across the campus. Please refer to the parking map for the location of these bays.

As the campus is large, please plan ahead to locate the nearest parking area in advance, and allow plenty of time to park and find the venue you are attending. Large events usually have extra parking allocated. As there is such a demand for parking during semester, using public transport is recommended if possible.

More information is available on the Parking website. 

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How can I arrange for assistance when visiting a Curtin campus?

Please contact the area you are visiting or the coordinator of the event you are attending to discuss your requirements, giving as much advance notice as possible.

Curtin Security can provide assistance with any access issues while on Bentley Campus, subject to availability.

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How do I arrange for a sign language interpreter or alternative format materials at Curtin events or public consultations?

Pelase contact the person or area arranging the event with your request. Please give as much notice as possible to make the arrangements.

Disability Services can also assist and give advice on how to proceed with such a request.

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