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Curtin Ally

Our Ally programs aim to foster a culture that is inclusive of sexual and gender diversity. An Ally is someone who supports the rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex people.

Supporting LGBTIQ+ students and staff

In line with the principle that equality and non-discrimination are fundamental human rights, members of the Senior Executive Team (SET) believe that civil marriage should be available to all couples. On this basis, are proud to reaffirm unanimous support for marriage equality in response to the current postal survey.

Curtin has held a long-standing commitment to creating an inclusive and welcoming culture where LGBTIQ+ students and staff feel supported and respected, a commitment that fully aligns with our values. Marriage equality fits squarely with this commitment. Curtin Ally are proud of Curtin’s long-standing commitment to creating a culture where LGBTIQ+ students and staff are valued and treated equally.

Curtin Ally would like to express its strong support for marriage equality. Ally believes that marriage equality is a fundamental recognition of human rights.

Read Curtin Ally’s position on marriage equality in full.

Curtin Ally Network would like to thank The University of Sydney Ally Network for sharing their position paper, insights and expertise.


Second National Australian Ally Conference:

Activating Human Rights: Sexual Orientation, Gender  Identity and Intersex Status - Leading the Change.  27-28 September 2018.

This conference will bring together academic and professional staff, students and practitioners from across the Ally communities in the education sector and will also showcase best practice of Ally networks in private enterprise and government.   More information.

Curtin Ally

Curtin Ally originated in 2006 with the aim of creating a safe and welcoming environment for LGBTIQ+ students and staff. Today, Ally has become a popular network of students and staff dedicated to supporting LGBTIQ+ inclusion at Curtin.

Executive Champion

Curtin Ally is proud to have Ms Valerie Raubenheimer, Vice President Corporate Relations as our Executive Champion. Valerie is a visible champion for LGBTIQ+ inclusion who regularly hosts network activities and actively communicates the importance of creating an environment where our people (LGBTIQ+ students and staff) are inspired to be themselves.

The LGBTIQ+ Advisory

The LGBTIQ+ Advisory Group has been established to oversee Curtin Ally with a strategic focus to improve the lived experience of Curtin’s people (LGBTIQ+ students and staff). Our objective is to develop a culture where our people feel supported, valued, respected and inspired to be successful for themselves, for each other and for Curtin.

Role of an Ally

A Curtin Ally is anyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, who has completed Ally training and supports LGBTIQ+ inclusion. The role of an Ally is to support the University’s values and Diversity and Inclusion Policy principles and to make to make a difference to LGBTIQ+ inclusion in whatever way they feel comfortable. This might include:

  • Challenging prejudice, such as homophobia, transphobia and heterosexism
  • Role modelling non-discriminatory practices and language
  • Providing a safe confidential space where LGBTIQ+ students and staff can seek referral
  • Celebrating important LGBTIQ+ days and events throughout the year.

Become an Ally

To become a Curtin Ally you need to register for training and workshops through iPerform in the Staff Portal;  if you don't have access to the Portal, email us to register your interest:

  1. Register for training by emailing:
  2. Get involved!

Once you’re an Ally, being visible is essential. We have devised a simple but brilliantly effective approach – bright rainbow lanyards and Ally stickers! Admired by everyone, these items are a consistent reminder of Curtin Ally and are highly sought after.

Linley Lord

Being an Ally is a visible sign of my commitment to helping build a more inclusive society at Curtin and beyond.

Associate Professor Linley Lord, Chairperson Academic Board

Charles Flodin

I am an Ally because creating a safe and inclusive environment for all students and staff, is the foundation of providing an empowering educational experience.

Charles Flodin, Manager AHEAD

Misty Farquhar

There are reminders everywhere you look that this campus is a place that welcomes diversity, and it is enormously reassuring. As part of our Ally network, I hope that I can share that feeling with other LGBTIQ+ people that are new to the university.

Misty Farquhar, PhD Student


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