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Curtin University

Services available

The Curtin University Heath Service is committed to quality improvement and care and is accredited by Australian General Practice Accreditation Ltd.

We provide comprehensive general practice patient care including:

  • Management of all health problems
  • A walk-in clinic runs most mornings for urgent, quick medical problems
  • Lifestyle advice, including information on stress management, sexual health and drugs
  • Management of sports injuries and medicals for scuba diving
  • "Well person" care including pap smears, checks for cholesterol and diabetes, blood pressure and contraception
  • Nutritional advice (appointments with a dietician are available for staff and students)
  • A Mental Health Nurse can assist with management of mental health problems and is available for confidential free appointments to discuss any problems you might have
  • Nursing care such as dressings to injuries, vaccinations (travel, childhood, allergy), health education
  • We offer a range of services such as risk assessment for such problems as cancer, diabetes and heart disease
  • Pregnancy related counselling and care
  • Response by Health Service staff at request for help concerning accidents and sudden illness on campus
  • All doctors have access to professional interpreters, if needed. Let our reception staff know if you need the interpreter service
  • If you would like specific information, please ask your doctor or the nurse, or check our Links page
  • We offer lifestyle counseling such as help with stopping smoking, losing weight etc is also available
  • Comprehensive travel advice and pre-travel vaccinations are available.