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Curtin University

Examinations and assessments

Religious equity examinations and assessments are available for students whose examination or assessment schedule clash with their religious convictions.

If you have an examination or assessment that is scheduled at the same time as one of your obligatory religious Holy days then alternative arrangements can be made via the Multi-Faith Officer. Usually, this alternative examination or assessment is scheduled earlier on the same day or on another day during the examination period. Please note that only obligatory religious events can receive religious equity. For all religious equity requests you will need to contact the Wellbeing Service as part of the process below.

Apply for an equity examination or assessment

Obtain a letter from your religious leader

Explaining why you must observe the particular religious Holy day and therefore cannot attend your examination or assessment. This can be emailed or given directly to the Multi-Faith Officer.

Gather student and course information including:

  1. Student name and ID
  2. Course name, unit number, subject, and course coordinator
  3. Exam or assessment name, time and date
  4. Religious festival or holy day information

Meet with the Wellbeing Advisor

With this information at least 3 weeks prior to the examination period or date of assessment. The Wellbeing Advisor will assess and verify your equity request and submit a request on your behalf for alternative examination arrangements. Requests can be made via email but are not ideal.

Central Examinations

You will receive notification, if applicable, of the alternative examination via the Official Communication Channel (OCC) sent to your Curtin provided OASIS account.


You will usually receive notification via email from your course coordinator or they will contact you to make alternative arrangements.

Please ensure that you complete all of these steps by the deadline (three weeks prior to the examination period or prior to your assessment due date). Contact the Examinations Office or the Wellbeing Advisor for more information.