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Curtin University

Finding employment

Here you will find services to assist students with disability to make the transition from university to working life, including both on-campus and external agencies.

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Curtin Careers Centre

The Curtin Careers and Employment Centre provides a range of services to assist students to make the transition from university into working life as smooth as possible.


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Specialist employment agencies

There are many specialist employment agencies that provide assistance to people with disabilities. These include:

The Jobsearch website has a full list of employment service providers for people with disabilities.

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National Disability Co-ordination Officer

The National Disability Co-ordination Officer (NDCO) program assists university students with their transition from school to university, and from university into employment.

  • Contact the NDCO for Bentley, WA at +61 8 9286 6600
  • For more information, visit the NCDO website.

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