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Alternative examination arrangements

A range of alternative examination arrangements can be made for students with disability after an assessment by a Disability Advisor.

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Curtin students

Alternative examination arrangements can be made for students who have a disability or medical condition that would disadvantage them if they sat for the examination under standard conditions.

This may include the provision of:

  • ergonomic furniture
  • specialized equipment or software programs
  • examination papers in alternative formats (including braille, enlarged print and electronic format)
  • scribes or readers
  • additional time
  • other needs as required.

Centrally scheduled examinations

These examinations are run at the end of each semester by the Examinations office, and are listed on the Examination timetable.

Arrangements for centrally scheduled examinations are valid for the duration of your Curtin Access Plan or as otherwise arranged with the Disability Advisor.

The deadline for making new requests or making changes to existing arrangements for centrally scheduled examinations is at least 3 weeks before the examination fortnight commences. After this deadline arrangements may only be possible in unforeseeable or exceptional circumstances.

You must contact a Disability Advisor before this deadline, and also provide appropriate documentation from your treating Health Professional.

If you have a changing or temporary condition or wish to review your examination arrangements please make an appointment with a Disability Advisor. Further Health Professional documentation may be required to continue or adjust arrangements. 

School scheduled assessments    

These examinations or assessments are run in class, by the lecturer or tutor, or may be a computer based CAA assessment. 

For alternative arrangements in school-scheduled assessments, a Curtin Access Plan must be presented or e-mailed to the Unit Coordinator at least 2 weeks prior to the assessment.

The Curtin Access Plan can be used each semester for the period in which the Plan is valid. 

More information

Please visit the Examinations website for further information. You can also view policy in the Assessment and Student Progression Manual.


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Open Universities Australia students

Open Universities Australia (OUA) students taking examinations through Curtin University do not have the same processes and deadlines as regular Curtin students.

Please see the OUA website for more information about Alternative Assessment Arrangements (AAA) process.

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