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Curtin University

DAIP Annual Activity Plan 2012-2013

Find out how Curtin plans to achieve its DAIP outcomes.

Curtin seeks to achieve the following targets in the year August 2012 to July 2013 as part of the rollout of its five-year Disability Access and Inclusion Plan 2012 - 2017. Progress on each of the strategies will be posted during the year and feedback to from our students, staff and the public is welcome at any time.

Our DAIP progress and initiatives rely on feedback from you - our students and staff - and the West Australian public. Please take this opportunity to let us know what you think.

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Outcome Strategy Content Responsible Officer/Area



Curtin will review the development and implementation of Curtin Access Plans (CAP) for students.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Education

As at 29 April 2013
Deans presented proposed CAP process to Faculty T&L Committees (FTLC) late 2012; progress reported to UTLC 12 November 2012.
All, including Sarawak, supportive of CAP process; FTLC members to raise awareness of CAPs within Faculties. CBS to investigate services at offshore locations.  Student Administration Office in schools will store the CAPs.

Project plan to:
• ensure staff PD re reasonable adjustment (measure: annual education program) ;
• develop  staff online resources re reasonable adjustment examples and financial resources (measure: FAQ on website);
• develop student information resource re expectations, disclosure, reasonable notice and  circulation of CAP; and
• ensure documented Faculty process re receipt, negotiation and confidential storage of CAPs (measure: written confirmation from Faculty Deans T&L).
Deadline: end 2013 with review of CAP process proposed July 2014.

CAPs now in the Assessment and Student Progression Manual: Consolidated Policies and Procedures, March 2013

As at 18 December 2012 – Progress 20%

800+ CAPs since 2008; need to further raise staff awareness about their development, dissemination, receipt, negotiation and confidential storage. CAPs wording under review. Draft process to UTLC in August 2012; endorsed for Curtin-wide implementation. Proposal with Faculty T&L Committees to formalise in schools/departments; Deans to report progress to next UTLC meeting.

Curtin, and Deakin University, surveyed all Australian universities re their CAP-equivalents; results presented in conference paper ‘Learning access plans, what are we learning?’ at Pathways 11, Adelaide, December 2012.

Outcome Strategy Content Responsible Officer/Area



Curtin will engage with the Disability Services Commission regarding the opportunities in the Count Me In – Disability Directions strategy.

Director, Support Services

As at 29 April 2013
Engagement with Count Me In – Disability Future Directions: Participation and Contribution in all aspects of life.

• Life-long learning in inclusive settings: Discussions underway regarding inclusion of people with intellectual disability at Curtin

• Secure employment in meaningful work: Refer  Strategy 7.2

Strategy carried over into new DAIP Annual Activity Plan 2013-2014

As at 18 December 2012 – Progress 20%

DSC invited to join inaugural DAIPIC Advisory body. Supported Wage Project for employment opportunities in Facilities Management completed. Exploration of university learning opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities scheduled for early 2013.

Outcome Strategy Content Responsible Officer/Area



Curtin will have a Physical Access Plan that identifies strategies and budgets to improve access on Curtin Campuses to ensure legislative requirements are met; and progress is regularly reported to the Disability Access and Inclusion Plan Implementation Committee

Executive Director, Properties

As at 29 April 2013
Stage 2 (2012) works package identified by the Access Audit for Blgs 204, 205, 210, 311 and 404 is 80% complete. The cost of this work was $128,689. Stage 3 (2013) round of audits is yet to commence. Properties will liaise with Disability Services to determine which buildings are to be audited. Work for workplace issue in Blg 603; estimated cost of $75,000.

As at 18 December 2012 – Progress 30%

$219,555 works package developed from Stage 1 Access Audit of six buildings completed in early 2012. Stage 2 Access Audits completed in Blgs 204, 205, 210, 311 and 404; works package identified and being costed (anticipated $100,000). Work to commence after Sem 2 exams. $200,000 spent (YTD 2011 – 2012) on building access improvements for individual staff/students; Properties and Staff Disability Advisor (SDA) collaborating to streamline access requests.

Outcome Strategy Content Responsible Officer/Area



A Curtin Wayfinding Strategy will be developed to ensure safe and accessible paths of travel.

Executive Director, Properties

As at 29 April 2013
Progress on above program now 50% completion.

As at 18 December 2012 – Progress 30%

Hardcopy Campus Access map available through Disability Services. Program to upgrade external wayfinding signage on Bentley Campus commenced and ongoing; includes replacing existing signage to improve visibility and additional signage at strategic locations. Super numerals to be installed on selected buildings. Packages of works ongoing until end 2014.

Outcome Strategy Content Responsible Officer/Area



Curtin will have Occupational Health and Safety procedures in place to ensure the safety of students, staff and visitors with a disability in the event of a fire or emergency.

Executive Director, Properties

As at 29 April 2013
Report completed identifying procedures to be adopted in building 108; further work required to identify procedures for adoption across other buildings on campus.

External consultant engaged to develop guidelines for formulating Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans (PEEPs) for students and staff that have identified themselves as requiring them. Draft guidelines now developed. Properties have employed an Emergency Planning Manager (commencing 29 April 2013); one duty will be to finalise the guidelines and manage their implementation.

As at 18 December 2012 – Progress 20%

External consultant engaged to develop emergency egress procedures for people with a disability in Blg 108; report identified procedures for 108. Further procedures for all campus buildings required; Properties and Curtin Health & Safety to identify a management plan for use in all buildings. Draft procedures developed for comment.

Outcome Strategy Content Responsible Officer/Area



Curtin will take action to ensure Curtin websites and content including online learning resources and notices meet World Wide Web Consortium requirements.

Chief Information Officer, Curtin Information Technology Services (CITS)

As at 29 April 2013 

 Report to follow

As at 18 December 2012 - Progress 10%

Content Management System (CMS) Review will ensure inclusion of access considerations in criteria for final selection of a CMS.

Working party to progress strategies to improve web accessibility across all university websites. QA checklist for new Curtin websites updated to reflect the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0). All software vendors (including Blackboard) to be contacted regarding their ‘roadmaps’ to meet accessibility standards.

All new Curtin videos produced by Corporate Communications are captioned. Process underway to revise and update/remove legacy video content; does not currently include the iLecture (Echo360) system.

Outcome Strategy Content Responsible Officer/Area



Curtin staff will be informed, through induction and ongoing training, about their responsibilities to students and staff with a disability.

Director, Organisational Development Unit (ODU)

As at 29 April 2013
ODU, with Disability Services, is developing an online staff disability education module. Work stalled.

As at 18 December 2012 – Progress 60%

Staff education: 

  • information re DAIP, Disability Services and SDAs
  • Induction Guidelines detail managers’ obligation to make new employees aware of DAIP and Disability Services 
  • online Recruitment and Selection module provides advice for recruitment panels on how to assist applicants with disabilities 
  • information about Disability Services Act 1993 (WA); presented by Legal and Compliance Services 
  • Curtin’s Ethics, Equity and Social Justice commitment 
  • staff Disability and Mental Health Awareness sessions routinely conducted by Counselling and Disability Services. 
  • online Disability@Curtin staff education module in development

Online information available at

Outcome Strategy Content Responsible Officer/Area



Curtin will provide an accessible complaints process.

Director, Professional Standards and Conduct Unit (PSCU)

As at 29 April 2013
 ‘Accessibility’ information on PSCU website details services provided by PSCU.  Clients informed information available in alternative formats on request. People accessing complaints form from Curtin homepage are linked to accessibility information.  Text reads: ‘Information about accessibility and alternative ways to lodge a complaint is available on our homepage’. ‘Advice and Assistance’ on PSCU webpage can be accessed using Browsealoud for text to speech assistance.

PSCU developed staff training package suitable for all levels of staff (existing and new); covers complaints process including accessibility options.

Permission granted by VC to place ‘Complaints Button’ on Curtin homepage in more prominent position.

As at 18 December 2012 – Progress 50%

$20,000 earmarked for a new and inclusive method of complaints reporting. PSCU and CITS to ensure DAIP requirements are met.

In addition to online registration, Curtin will: 

  • complete a complaint notification on behalf of a complainant; 
  • send a hard copy complaint notification form; 
  • use translation services; and 
  • meet complainants in more accessible University locations if required
Outcome Strategy Content Responsible Officer/Area



Curtin will develop an Accessible Consultation Guide with checklists.

Executive Director, Office of Strategy and Planning (OSP)

As at 29 April 2013
Following message communicated to key university stakeholders involved in research:
‘One of the initiatives from the Curtin University Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) is to manage survey access issues for students with disabilities. To address this, invitations to participate in research should contain the following sentence:
Please contact <insert contact person name> on <insert email and or phone number> if you have any issues accessing the <insert survey or research material>
Considerations should be given for alternative survey access methods to be available should a student with a disability contact you. For example, you may organise for the survey to be administered by telephone to the respondent’.
Those seeking OSP approvals to contact students for research purposes also notified of the above; message included in auto response for OSP Curtin Survey Approvals mailbox. OSP preparing fact sheet series to give researchers further details on selected survey processes; will include a fact sheet re managing survey access for students with a disability.

As at 18 December 2012 – Progress 20%

OSP reviewing management of access issues for student/other surveys. Accessible Consultation Guide with checklist will not be developed, instead OSP to provide survey respondents alternative formats. OSP to include access compliance as part of approval criteria for all student surveys. OSP to inform all key Curtin responsible officers about the requirement.

OSP raising awareness of the compliance requirements with external agencies who conduct University surveys e.g. ACER (key student surveys for Australian universities). ACER considering further the surveys they administer. Contact with Graduate Careers Australia to inform them about compliance requirements before end of 2012. 

Outcome Strategy Content Responsible Officer/Area



Curtin will ensure that staff with a disability are provided with appropriate support to carry out their employment responsibilities as specified in the position description.

Director, Human Resources

As at 29 April 2013
Supported Wage Project evaluated and expanded to Human Resources, Environmental Sustainability and Parks and Gardens. Curtin University Academic, Professional and General Staff Enterprise Agreement 2012 – 2016 now enables direct employment of staff under Supported Wage System (Clause 31).

Supported Wage project publicised through ‘What’s On’ webpage; with link to DAIP and media release to community newspapers. Nominated for Diversity at Work Award in Employment and Inclusion of people with a disability category.

Mental Health First Aid 2-day training completed for Security Staff by Counselling and Disability Services. Security Officers training by Staff Disability Advisor, Q3 2013. 
As at 18 December 2012 – Progress 60%

SDA position now fulltime (shared); 2012 staff ‘Your Voice’ survey included questions re number of staff with a disability and awareness of SDAs. $3213 in Job Access funding approved (2012/2013 YTD).

Enterprise Bargaining Agreement includes Supported Wage clause: Supported Wage Project for employment opportunities within Facilities Management completed with recruits sourced from Australian Disability Enterprise, Interwork.

Training sessions re SDA services included in mandatory ‘Health and Safety Training for Managers and Supervisors’ (5 YTD). SDA and Properties project to streamline requests for disability access and building modifications commenced.

New Staff Disability information page on Human Resources website.