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Curtin University

Faith communities and chaplains

Find out about our faith communities, including visiting chaplains, events on campus, and how to get involved.

For more information on local communities around Curtin, please contact the Multi-Faith Officer. You can also use a search engine such as Google. Please note that Curtin does not endorse any information provided by Google or other third parties. 

Select your location(s) below for services available to you.

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Bentley Kalgoorlie Off-campus Online Sydney

Australian Christian ChurchAustralian Christian Church

Information on the Australian Christian Churches community at Curtin.


Information on the visiting Baha'i chaplain to Curtin.


Information on the visiting Buddhist chaplain to Curtin.


Non-denominational Christian services at Curtin.

Christian Reformed ChurchesChristian Reformed Churches

Information on the Christian Reformed Church community at Curtin.

Church of ChristChurch of Christ

Information on the visiting Church of Christ chaplain to Curtin University


Information on the visiting Hindu chaplain to Curtin.

International Bible FellowshipInternational Bible Fellowship

International Bible Fellowship at Curtin.


Information on the visiting Islamic chaplain to Curtin.


Information on the visiting Jewish chaplain to Curtin.

Lutheran Church of AustraliaLutheran Church of Australia

Information on the Lutheran Church of Australia community at Curtin.

Methodist (Chinese & English)Methodist (Chinese & English)

Information on the visiting Methodist chaplain to Curtin.

Pentecostal/Evangelical CharismaticPentecostal/Evangelical Charismatic

Information on the visiting Pentecostal/Evangelical Charismatic chaplains to Curtin.

Perth Alliance Church (Chinese)Perth Alliance Church (Chinese)

Information on the visiting chaplain from the Chinese-language Perth Alliance Church.

Roman CatholicRoman Catholic

Information on the visiting Roman Catholic chaplain to Curtin.

Seventh-day AdventistSeventh-day Adventist

Information on the visiting Seventh-day Adventist chaplain to Curtin.


Information on the visiting Sikh chaplain to Curtin.