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Curtin Access Plan

A Curtin Access Plan is a document provided by Disability Services that outlines the support recommended for a student with disability at Curtin.

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About the Curtin Access Plan

A Curtin Access Plan (CAP) is a document that outlines the 'reasonable adjustments' recommended by Disability Services to enable fair and equitable access to studies for a student with disability.

The content of the CAP is negotiated with you and it will only contain information that you agree to release. It can include information about your disability/medical condition if you wish to disclose this information.

A CAP has an end date after which it is not valid. This date is determined by the Disability Advisor dependant on a number of factors. In some cases it is valid for the duration of your course.      

It is your responsibility to ensure that relevant university staff have a copy of your CAP if you are seeking support and reasonable adjustments for your studies.

Sample CAP [67.37 kb]

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How do I develop a Curtin Access Plan?

Make an appointment with a Disability Advisor to discuss your situation and the support you may need at Curtin. If you cannot get to Bentley campus, please make a phone appointment.

Please provide supporting documentation from your treating health practitioner at your first appointment. Updated documentation may be required when your CAP is due for review or your health circumstances change.

Once you have discussed your situation with the Disability Advisor and provided the required medical documentation, your CAP will be developed or updated in consultation with you.

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How is my Curtin Access Plan distributed?

You will be provided with a hard copy and/or a PDF copy so that you can use it to inform staff about your requirements. We suggest that you e-mail or hand it to your Unit Coordinators and Course Coordinator at the start of each semester or study period, or immediately after the document is developed if it is during the semester or study period.

If you prefer to have your CAP distributed by Disability Services,  a Disability Advisor can forward a copy to your Unit Coordinator/s or other nominated staff. If you choose this method of distribution, please make sure that you provide the Disability Advisor with the names and e-mail addresses of the relevant staff each semester.

Once presented to an academic staff member, while your confidentiality will be respected as much as possible, your CAP may be shared with other staff within the school/faculty if it is necessary in order to provide the adjustments or support you require.

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Do I have to disclose my disability in the Curtin Access Plan?

Your Curtin Access Plan (CAP) will only contain disability information you choose to release, and your disability or medical information/health professional documentation will be kept within the Disability Service.

The information you disclose to us is confidential and is handled according to our confidentiality statement. Please note that there are some exceptions to the boundaries of confidentiality which are outlined in this statement.

Please see the Disclosing a disability page or contact Disability Services for assistance with your decision whether or not to disclose personal information.

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What happens if my situation changes?

You can  contact a Disability Advisor to arrange a review of your CAP at any time if the impact of your disability or medical condition changes, and/or if the CAP is not meeting your needs. You may need to provide updated health professional documentation to support the changes.

Unless you advise of the need to make changes or review your situation, your CAP will stay in place until the review date specified on the Plan.


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Does the CAP cover all my exam arrangements?

The Curtin Access Plan (CAP) can be used to make alternative test/examination arrangements.

School scheduled tests/exams: Please provide your CAP to the relevant Unit Coordinator at least 10 working days before the school-scheduled assessment to request the conditions outlined in the Plan.

End of semester exams: These exams are usually run by the Examinations office. Your exam arrangements will be valid for the duration of your CAP. The deadline for making requests or adjusting exam arrangements is 3 weeks prior to the start of the examination period.

Please visit the Examinations website for more information.

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How does my Curtin Access Plan relate to extensions?

If your Curtin Access Plan supports you for assignment extensions you do not need to get additional documentation provided that the length of the extension is within the time period supported by the CAP. For extensions longer than the nominated time period you will have to obtain additional documentation from your treating Health Professional or Counselling and Disability Services.

Assignment extensions cannot be assumed and are subject to negotiation with the Unit Coordinator. In some cases an extension may not be possible and an alternative may be provided (e.g. a group assignment or practical assessment). Applications have to be made before the due date and in accordance with school processes. In most cases an Assessment Extension application form must also be completed.

Please note that the CAP does not support you to change the date of tests or exams. Suitable documentation specific to these dates will be required, in accordance with the Assessment Extension policy.


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