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So what is a social wellbeing issue?

SSAs are trained in assisting individuals with accommodation or housing concerns, financial hardship, family and domestic violence, and alcohol and other dependencies. They also provide support after a crime or illness and info on nutritional needs.

The Student Support Advisors (SSAs) will help you identify social wellbeing concerns and work with you towards a resolution by

- providing individual consultation
- considering emergency relief support
- helping you to liaise with different organisations on and off campus, who can support your specific needs.

The advisors are qualified professionals with a Social Work degree, who are skilled in listening and being objective, and providing a safe and confidential environment. 

Remember you do not need to be in a crisis to make an appointment.  It is always better to come early to prevent the situation from escalating!  Sometimes you just need to talk it through to make sure you are on the right track.

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Accommodation/Housing Concerns

• Are you currently homeless?
• Do you find yourself at risk of losing your home because of rent-related issues?
• Find that you struggle to maintain long-term housing because of other issues or concerns that you would like to speak to somebody about?

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Financial Hardship

• Have you recently met with a crisis (unforeseen circumstances) that has impacted on your financial situation?
• Do you feel concerned about study expenses?
• Do you struggle financially and require practical financial assistance?
• Would you like some general advice on budgeting and lifestyle expenses?
• Are you in need of emergency relief?


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Support After a Crime or Illness

• Recently been a victim of a sexual assault, physical assault, accident or on-going illness?
• Require support when lodging a police report and/or Violence Restraining Order?
• Would like to talk to someone about it?

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Nutritional Needs

• Would you like more information on how to keep the costs down, while maintaining a healthy and well-balanced diet?
• Are you in need of emergency relief?

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Alcohol, Drug and Other Dependencies

Have you ever felt:
- Bad or guilty about your drinking, or that you should cut down?
- Annoyed you by family or friends who criticise your drinking, affecting your relationship with them?
- You needed a drink first thing in the morning to steady your nerves or get rid of a hangover?
- If any of the above is true, it could indicate a potential alcohol problem.

This can also apply to other types of dependency such as:
- Drugs
- Overeating, 
- Gambling,
- Internet addiction.

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