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Curtin University

10 things staff need to know

10 important things staff need to know about disability services at Curtin University.

1. Disability Services provides advice and assistance for students with disability, as well as support and advice to staff about meeting the needs of students with disability.

2. Assistance for staff members with disability is available through the Staff Disability Advisors.

3. Curtin has a Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) that outlines how Curtin provides access for students, staff and visitors with disability.

4. The legal definition of disability is broad and includes physical, psychological and mental health problems, learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and temporary disability/illness.

5. Curtin courses must be designed to be inclusive and accessible, and guided by Universal Design principles.

6. A person with disability who meets course entry requirements cannot be prevented from enrolling in a course because of their disability. Information about essential course requirements and pre-course counselling must be made available to enable the prospective student to make an informed choice.

7. An education provider is required to make reasonable adjustments to facilitate enrolment, admission and participation of a student with disability on the same basis as a student without disability. There are some exceptions to this requirement where the adjustment would cause unjustifiable hardship to the provider or compromise the health and welfare of the person or others.

8. A Curtin Access Plan, developed by a Disability Advisor in conjunction with a student, is used to communicate reasonable adjustment requirements to relevant university staff. 

9. All students must meet essential or inherent course requirements. Education providers are not required to provide adjustments for a student with disability that compromises the academic integrity of the course.

10. Opportunities are provided for students, staff and visitors to lodge complaints.