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Health & Wellbeing

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Sexuality and gender diversity

Curtin is committed to creating an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. The Ally program provides training and organises events in support of the sexually and gender-diverse members of the community.


Ally program

Support the sexually- and gender-diverse community through the Ally Network.

Ally contacts

Contact an Ally in your faculty, business area, or Student Guild.

Becoming an Ally

Stand up an be counted... join the Curtin Ally Network!


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Disability services

Disability Advisors can help to reduce the impact of your disability or medical condition on your studies by helping you find the support you may need to succeed.



Curtin provides a range of services and facilities for students with disability.


Information for staff to assist students with disability, and for staff with disability.


Information and assistance for visitors to Curtin with disability.


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Faith and religion

Curtin University acknowledges and respects the diversity of religious beliefs represented among its students and staff. Find out about faith services and facilities available at Curtin University and in the surrounding community.


Faith communities and chaplains

Find out about visiting chaplains, and religious clubs and communities both on and off campus.

Prayer facilities for use/hire

Facilities provided by Curtin reserved for spiritual or religious purposes.

Special arrangements

Find out about special arrangements for examinations and graduations.


Disability Mentoring

Students on the Autism Spectrum and related conditions now have access to specialist student mentors through our mentoring program.

Faith and religion

Find out about faith services and facilities available at Curtin University and in the surrounding community.  

Faith services and facilities

Contact Counselling and Health Services

   Counselling Services: 1800 651 878
   Health Services: +61 08 9266 7345
   Building 109, Bentley Campus

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Student Wellbeing Advisory Service

Receive free, confidential help with our Student Wellbeing Advisory Service.

Ethics, equity and social justice

Find out about Curtin's commitment to equity, ethics and social justice.

Security and personal safety

Keep yourself safe and secure with these helpful tips and resources.

News and Events

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