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Curtin University

Currently on exchange

Your adventure has begun! You've come to the right place for all you need to know and remember whilst on exchange.

Conditions of your exchange

While you are on exchange, you need to be mindful of your obligations and responsibilities included in your conditions of participation statement.


You are still a Curtin enrolled student, so you are required to check OASIS and your Curtin email account on a weekly basis.


Upon arrival at your Host University, it is common to discover that you may need to make some changes to your Study Plan. This may be due to various reasons outside your control, or because you have discovered more suitable units.

Nevertheless, within the first 2 weeks of the commencement of classes, you need to ensure that your Curtin Enrolment and Curtin Study Plan reflect the studies you are undertaking.

Curtin enrolment:

  • Check your Curtin enrolment to ensure it shows you are enrolled in International Study (Student Exchange) and you are enrolled in a Curtin University full time study load (ie. between 75 and 100 credits) for each semester of your exchange.
  • If possible, enrol into your units for the semester you are returning to Curtin.

Curtin study plan

  • Confirm your enrolment at your host university and complete your Curtin study plan.
  • If you have not made any changes to your study plan, then simply email this to your study plan approver for authorisation and then forward the signed copy to the Curtin Study Abroad & Student Exchange Office (this can be scanned and emailed or take a photo of the form and email it to us).
  • If you have made changes to your study plan, then you will need to obtain the unit outline with as much information as possible about the unit you wish to enrol into and email your study plan approver for approval. Once your study plan approver has authorised your study plan forward a copy to the Curtin Study Abroad & Student Exchange Office (this can be scanned and emailed or take a photo of the form and email it to us).
    TIP – Even if you have electives on your Study Plan, it is still recommended that you have these approved by your study plan approver to ensure you will receive credit upon your return.

Curtin University Representation

As an exchange student you represent Curtin University and we expect that you maintain an appropriate standard of behaviour. Any adverse behaviour not only reflects poorly on yourself but also on Curtin and future participants in the program. It is also a reminder to ensure that you pay any outstanding debts to your host university before you leave.

Promoting Curtin University

Your host university will most likely have events that you can participate in to promote Curtin University to their students as an exchange destination. The ongoing success of the exchange program requires students to attend Curtin University as exchange students, so the more opportunities you have to promote Curtin University, the more the program can grow. Study Abroad Fairs, presentations, Facebook posts, sharing photos, stories, Vegemite sandwiches and Tim Tams all help! If you require any promotional flyers or marketing material, we can post or email this to you.

Keep in touch

We encourage you to keep in touch with us! We enjoy reading your stories and would like to share them with others, so if you have any photos, videos, blogs please let us know and we can add them to our website and/or Facebook page. 

Sean Yoong's Blinky Koala

Something not going to plan?

It goes without saying that we do hope that everything goes smoothly, however if you do encounter a problem it is good to know what to do.

New surrounds, different foods, culture shock and unfamiliar study requirements can all lead to anxiety and homesickness. Many students experience this and it is quite normal to have these overwhelming feelings. It is important to seek assistance if you need it. Keeping in contact with family and friends may help and joining in on-campus activities will keep you occupied and will help you to meet new friends in similar situations.

Your host university Study Abroad Office will also be able to assist you or put you in touch with their counselling services and student groups. And of course, the Curtin Student Exchange & Study Abroad Office are still only an email away and we encourage you to keep in touch with us.

We recommend that you familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of your travel insurance. Should you fall ill, break bones, or require medical treatment, you will want to ensure you are fully covered. Medical treatment in other countries can often be expensive. Your host university will be able to provide you with details of recommended medical practitioners, or may even have facilities on campus for students.

If you require urgent medical attention, contact your travel insurance global emergency assistance or contact Curtin’s International SOS for guidance and support. 

In most circumstances, your accommodation will have been arranged prior to leaving for exchange. Please stay open-minded regarding campus accommodation, as accommodation will often be very different to what is available in Australia. If you are not satisfied with your accommodation, contact your host university Housing Office to advise them of your issues. Remaining polite rather than demanding will often result in a suitable outcome.

If upon arrival you are having difficulty in locating accommodation, don’t sign any lease in haste, or that you don’t fully understand. Certainly don’t sign a lease under duress or without viewing a property or meeting tenants. Contact your host university for advice and guidance in the first instance and if this is not helpful, contact Curtin's Study Abroad & Student Exchange Office.

If personal circumstances require you to return home before finishing your exchange period, please contact the Curtin Study Abroad & Student Exchange Office immediately. We also recommend that you contact your host university Study Abroad Office as well. They will be able to advise you on housing requirements/penalties and if possible be able to assist with alternative study arrangements/assessments.

Yikes, we certainly hope this doesn’t happen! It has happened to many students and travellers in the past though, so don’t panic (too much). The key is to ensure that you act as soon as possible. Check the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website for what to do.

Breathe…..and stay calm. Most banks will have information on their websites about getting replacement cards and it is important to report cards lost, stolen or scammed as soon as possible. We do recommend that you have a back up card so that you have access to funds whilst trying to sort out the situation, but if you find yourself without any funds at all, contact your host university for guidance, or contact the Curtin Study Abroad & Student Exchange Office for advice.

If you have arrived, but your luggage didn’t, contact the airline and your travel insurance company for assistance.

With the different time zones, it is most likely that you will be contacting us during whilst we are out of the office. If it can wait, mark your email urgent and the Study Abroad & Student Exchange Office will contact you during office hours. 

If you require urgent assistance:

  • Contact your Personal Travel Insurance Emergency Contact or;
  • Curtin’s International SOS +61 2 9372 2468 and quote Member Number 12AYCA656047 or;
  • Curtin Security Office +61 8 92664444 or;
  • Consular Assistance at