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Curtin Employability Program

The Curtin Employability Program helps provide students with career management and professional development skills.

The Curtin Employability Program can help you gain career management and professional development skills through the completion of a series of modules as well as participating in a self-sourced industry experience. A selection of career and professional development topics are available including networking, emotional intelligence, effective interview techniques, understanding industry, personal branding and self-awareness as well as writing cover letters and resumes. You’ll receive formal recognition of your achievement via the Curtin Extra Certificate. 

Curtin Employability Program Structure

The Curtin Employability Program runs throughout the university year and current students can join the program at any time up until November.

The introductory event kick-starts your progress through the Curtin Employability Program and brings your fellow program participants together. As a bonus, you'll complete the ‘How do I Get To Know My Industry?’ module, one of five you need complete as part of the program.

There are currently 14 career development modules to choose from. 'Workplace Rights and Responsibilities' is compulsory, with four others chosen by you. Modules may be completed online through Curtin Challenge, or face-to-face by attending professional development workshops booked through UniHub. Content is completed at your own pace and modules are automatically added to your Employability Program dashboard.

To help maximise your competitive edge when applying for jobs, you will be asked to submit a resume written to a professional standard. Your resume will be reviewed by one of our Career Development Consultants and feedback provided to assist you in building a professional document that helps you apply for work. Once your resume has been determined to meet professional standards, you can proceed with the remaining program requirements.

Students must participate in at least 37.5 hours of a self-sourced industry experience. Industry experience can teach you more about your values and abilities, help develop your valuable networks and show you how to apply your career management skills in an industry context.
Please refer to the Curtin Employability Program Industry Experience Guidelines for more information.

Students must participate in an online interview and demonstrate effective interview techniques. The interview will be reviewed by one of our Career Development Consultants and you will be provided with feedback to improve your interview performance.

To finish the program, you’ll complete a written reflection activity.

Applications for the 2018 Curtin Employability Program are now open.
If you would like to participate in the 2018 program, please complete the Employability Program Application Form.

If you have any queries regarding the Curtin Employability Program, please first read the Curtin Employability Program Starter Guide and FAQs.
If you would like any further information, please contact us via email at

What you can do now...

Applications for the 2018 Curtin Employability Program are now open.

To apply, please complete the
Employability Program Application Form.

This program is exclusive to current Curtin students, log in with your OASIS details.