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RecFest 2015

Friday 27 February 2015. RecFest is a free event that happens every year during O week at Curtin. A whole lot of activities, fun, giveaways, music and more. Check out some of our favourite photos from this year.

  • Recfest CS staff

    RecFest 2015

  • RecFest Fluoro trash girls

    RecFest 2015

  • Recfest group fitness

    RecFest 2015 Group Fitness Attack class

  • recfest frisbee 2

    RecFest 2015 Ultimate Frisbee

  • RecFest 2015 Fun

    RecFest 2015

  • recfest chillout

    RecFest 2015 Chillout zone

  • RecFest BBQ

    RecFest 2015 BBQ

  • Recfest aug team

    RecFest 2015 AUG and Netball team

  • Recfest african drumming

    RecFest 2015 African Drumming

  • recfest

    RecFest 2015

  • Rec Fest 2015 1

    RecFest 2015 Orb balls