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Leadership in Sport

The Leadership in Sport program combines valuable volunteering roles in the Curtin University sport and recreation community with specific leadership skill modules to develop life skills and enrich your employability.

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As a Curtin student, the program is open to you at any stage of your degree. Completing the program involves the following 3 steps:

Complete 5 leadership skills modules Participate in 10 hours of volunteering with an accredited Curtin Stadium program Reflect on your experience = Curtin Extra Certificate


Step 1: Complete the five specific leadership modules

Join the face to face workshops at the Bentley campus or complete the online modules through Curtin CareerHub. Online modules will be made available to you via your Blackboard account.

The specific skills modules for the Leadership in Sport program are:

Discover what makes you tick and get more out of life!

Explore your values, strengths, weaknesses and blind spots. Understanding your strengths and weaknesses and working to your strengths can help you become more effective at managing yourself. It can also help you to become a better team member and team leader.

Download Module Outline: Self-Awareness for more information. 

Stop procrastinating and start kicking goals.

Explore strategies that help you make the most of your time by setting and achieving meaningful goals. This can result in less stress, and more time to do the things you really want to do with people you really want to be with!

Download Module Outline: Goal Setting for more information. 

Work better in teams and ace that group assignment.

Identify characteristics of successful teams and the challenges they face. Explore team problem solving and the importance of communication, motivation, goal setting and role allocation. Become a more effective team member and understand the responsibilities of team leaders.

Download Module Outline: Teamwork for more information. 

Practice communication skills to get more from your study, work and play.

Learn how to handle conflict effectively. Many people view conflict as negative and uncomfortable, an issue to be avoided or ignored. Conflict however, can be a tool for positive change. Understand different types of conflict and learn skills that can help you create positive outcomes.

Download Module Outline: Conflict Management for more information. 

Find out what’s important to you and make better choices.

Determine what to do when faced with a difficult decision. Learn skills to help you put your values into action when making a decision. Explore different stages of the decision making process and how you can adapt these to the decisions you have to make.

Download Module Outline: Decision Making for more information.

Step 2: Participate in volunteering

Apply your leadership skills through completing a minimum of 10 hours volunteering in the Sport and Recreation community. The approved roles have been specifically chosen to enhance leadership skills and provide great development opportunities.

Selection for these opportunities will be based on availability and in some cases will require specific experience of knowledge.

For further assistance and support in sourcing volunteer opportunities contact the program coordinator.


Get involved in a Curtin University Sports Club by taking on an official role within the club. Roles range from coaching right through to administration. Projects may include marketing plans, fundraising events, training and development plans and much more. This is a great way to use your skills and experience to benefit a local club.

Help shape the direction of sport and recreation at Curtin University by organising and running regular advisory group meetings and providing outcomes to Curtin Stadium's sport and recreation team. This group can provide advice on new trends or opportunities from a student perspective, which will assist the sport and recreation team met the needs of the student population. Click here for more information on the position description if you feel this group is something you are interested in and here if you wish to apply. 

Do you want to get involved in organising and delivering real projects, events and programs for Curtin University Sport and Recreation? This is your opportunity to assist with planning, implementing and reviewing current programs and events or be involved in creating something new.


Captains of sporting teams for Western University Games and Australian University Games are given the opportunity to represent their University in sport and also be involved in planning, organising and administration of their respective teams. Captain selection is based on sporting experience and commitment to the leadership role.

Step 3. Reflect on your experience

Reflect on what you have learnt through your journey by completing an online survey.

Disclaimer: Curtin University reserves the right to alter the composition of any co-curricular course or program to ensure learning outcomes retain maximum relevance.