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Curtin University

Staff Career Development

Career planning and development is important for all individuals; that’s why Curtin Careers, Employment & Leadership extends it's services to all Curtin staff and faculty members.

Curtin Careers, Employment & Leadership offers a range of career planning and development support to Curtin staff. From attending staff specific events and workshops to booking a one-to-one appointment with a Career Development Consultant, we encourage all Curtin staff to utilise our services.

All Curtin staff are welcome to explore Careers Illuminate, the interactive career modules available through Curtin Challenge. To login to Curtin Challenge, please use your OASIS details.  

To view upcoming activities, please login to UniHub using your OASIS details. Staff are welcome to attend any of the events or workshops we conduct for students.

To book a one-to-one appointment with our Career Development Consultant who works with staff, please contact Careers, Employment & Leadership via email or phone us on 08 9266 7802.

A professional resume review service is available to all Curtin staff members. Simply email your resume to Careers, Employment & Leadership. Feedback can be supplied via return email or in a one-to-one follow up appointment.

For further information about the services available at Careers, Employment & Leadership, please view our website, contact us on 08 9266 7802 or email