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Selecting Majors & Changing Courses

Deciding which major or course will lead to your desired career needs to be an informed decision. You will need to consider range of factors.

It is not unusual to consider changing your enrolment once you have commenced studying. Researching the alternatives available will help you to select the option that best aligns to your career goals and aspirations.

Selecting Majors

Many students will need to select a major, or double major combination, to focus their studies on a structured sequence of units in a particular discipline. Alternatively, your career focus may have shifted and you need to change majors to reflect your new goals and aspirations.

Changing Course

There are a range of reasons for considering alternative course and career options. It may be that your knowledge of the course and related career pathways was limited before commencing your studies, or your expectations of the course do not match your current study experience. You may have selected a course as it was broad based but now want to study towards a more specific discipline, or your career goals and aspirations have changed.

View the Career Planning section of our website for assistance with your decision making process. The discipline specific Career Guides,
available at Where Your Degree Can Lead, will provide you with information on a broad range of career options. 

Curtin's Courses Handbook provides information to help identify which majors and courses are available to you. Further information on entry requirements, eligibility, intake and mode of study can be obtained from the Faculty Student Service Offices in the relevant faculty.

Alongside any career consultation, it is very important that you:

For more information about course switching, check the Ask Curtin FAQs.

If, after researching this information, you are still unsure of the best decision for you, contact Careers, Employment & Leadership to speak to one of our team.  

What you can do now... 

Complete the 'Who Am I?' and 'Decision Making Strategies' modules online through Curtin Challenge, or book in to Professional Development Workshops to complete the modules in person.

Browse the Switching Your Course 
resource available through UniHub. 

These resources are exclusive to Curtin students, log in with your OASIS details.