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Psychometric Testing

Especially common in vacation and graduate program recruitment, psychometric testing is used to produce objective data for the comparison of applicants.

Psychometrics are designed to measure knowledge, abilities, attitudes, personality traits and educational history through the use of questionnaires, tests and personality assessments. These results may be used by recruiters to evaluate applicants and select the most suitable candidate for a position. Familiarising yourself with the format and types of questions asked will help you to prepare for psychometric testing.

Free verbal and diagrammatic reasoning, numerical and situational judgement tests are available to practice online. Contact Careers, Employment & Leadership if you would like to discuss a particular psychometric test.

What you can do now...

Browse the Psychometric Testing resource available through UniHub.

Careers & Employment Roadmap      
Our Careers & Employment Roadmap
 and GO ebook can provide tips on preparing for a psychometric test.

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