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Introducing Employability

The resources and activities included here are designed to support educators in familiarising students with the concept of graduate employability.

Ten Minute Tools

These tools are taken from whole-class activities such as workshops and discussions. They work well on their own as ice-breakers that engage students in future-oriented thinking.

Ten Minute Tools #1
Ten Minute Tools #2
Ten Minute Tools #3

Employability In Context

Here you will find industry snapshots showing the main employment destinations from graduates in particular degrees. These are currently only available for four areas with ill-defined or difficult to enter graduate destinations.

Biological Sciences
Information Technology
Performing Arts

Learn From Successful Graduates

Utilising the stories of successful graduates is an effective way of demonstrating to students the importance of developing strong employability skills. Included in this section are two learning guides, as well as a range of career profiles from successful graduates.

Learning From BiographiesFinding Your MissionAdapting To ChangeBuild Creativity & ResilienceChanging CareerDevelop Your BrandGeneral Degree: What NextMaking The CommitmentVisual Arts: Where To Now

Hear What Others Have To Say 

This section gathers together a range of interviews discussing some of the many aspects of employability. Topics covered include upskilling, social media and career planning.

Link to Video: Self Publishing
Link to Video: Social Media, IT & New Skills
Link to Video: Student Engagement
Link to Video: Upskilling
Link to Video: A Writing Major's Perspective
Link to Video: Writing as a Profession 

Employability in the classroom

John Curtin Distinguished Professor Dawn Bennett talks about enacting and enabling employability in higher education.