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Improve Your Employability

There are a range of activities you can undertake while studying that will help you become a stand out applicant when seeking graduate employment.

Employers are looking to recruit individuals who display the professional qualities that align with the values and brand of their organisation. Building on your graduate attributes while at university will increase your chances of success in the competitive graduate employment market.

Developing Your Professionalism

Begin building your professional reputation while at university, through your interactions with lecturers, fellow peers and industry professionals. These interactions are not limited to face-to-face contact, but extend to written documents, email, text, phone and social media.  Take every opportunity to create a positive impression by demonstrating your professionalism. You never know when somebody is taking notice of you.

The purpose of networking is to build and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with industry professionals. Networking is a two-way process. You need to think about how you can help others before you can expect help in return, especially in relation employment opportunities.

A benefit of successful networking is access to greater employment opportunities. Some students will meet their potential employer before they finish their studies because they have been proactive in attending events, and meeting and connecting with people. Investing time in establishing and maintaining your professional networks will enhance your career through:

  • Maximising your awareness of unadvertised employment opportunities
  • Increasing your professional, industry and organisational knowledge
  • Developing new business contacts for projects of mutual benefit
  • Strengthening your professional reputation

Communicating your professional brand and future career goals is essential for motivating others to think of you for an upcoming employment opportunity, to approach for a mutual business interest or to refer new business opportunities or clients.

Industry competitions for students provide you with a platform to gain industry experience, access networking opportunities and create a piece of work to include in your professional portfolio. Many of these competitions offer the chance to compete against other university students across Australia and internationally.

A list of student industry competitions is available on UniHub, or visit your professional association website for discipline specific competitions.

If, after researching this information, you would like some tips on developing your professionalism or building your networking skills, contact Careers, Employment & Leadership to speak to one of our team. 

What you can do now...

Complete the 'Stop Googling, Start Networking' and 'Boosting Your Professionalism' modules online through Curtin Challenge, or book in to Professional Development Workshops to complete the modules in person.

Browse the Email Etiquette and Networking Know How resources on UniHub to see what skills employers are looking for.

Our Careers & Employment Roadmap and GO ebook can provide tips on improving your employability.

These resources are exclusive to Curtin students, log in with your OASIS details.