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Curtin University

Developing Graduate Employability

Employ - make use of. Synonyms: use, utilise, apply, avail oneself of, put into service, implement, exercise, practise Ability - the means or skills to  do something. Synonyms: capacity, capability, power, faculty, aptness, facility, propensity

Curtin Careers, Employment & Leadership, in collaboration with Professor Dawn Bennett, aims to assist educators in addressing graduate employability development with our students.

Developing the graduate employability of our students ensures they have the skills, knowledge, and attributes needed to successfully negotiate their future career paths. With a focus on supporting educators who are working with students, the following components form the 'Employability Toolkit’, and are designed to be both accessible and adaptable. 

Employability Toolkit

Introducing EmployabilityIntroducing Employability

Activities and resources designed to introduce the concept of employability to students.

Tools & ResourcesTools & Resources

Access a variety of resources and strategies developed for educators.


Find out about some of the research that is occurring in the employability space.


Connect with a range of stakeholders focused on improving graduate employability.


Answers to some commonly asked questions around graduate employability.