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Further Study

The decision to undertake further study, whether it is through coursework or by research, can be affected by a range of factors and needs to be an informed choice.

Postgraduate Coursework Degrees

A postgraduate coursework degree (Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma, Master) is useful for:

  • Enhancing your qualifications to advance your career
  • Enabling a new career direction
  • Allowing you to specialise in a particular area
  • The opportunity to learn through lectures, tutorials and practical subjects

Postgraduate Research Degrees

Postgraduate research degrees (Master of Philosophy, PhD and other doctoral research degrees) are useful for:

  • Pursuing a career in research or academia
  • Providing the means for you to become an expert in your field
  • Pursuing an idea to make a significant and original contribution to research in your field
  • The opportunity to study flexibly and independently, and to complete a research project or thesis

The discipline specific Career Guides, available at Where Your Degree Can Lead, will enable you to explore career pathways related to your discipline. Research the range of postgraduate study options available, both at Curtin and across Australia.

The Enhancing Careers Through Postgraduate Study booklet from Graduate Careers Australia (GCA) will help you decide if postgraduate study is a worthwhile investment for your career. The annual Postgraduate Destinations Report, also from GCA, provides a detailed examination of the outcomes of recent Australian resident postgraduates, focusing on employment status, further study status, job search methods and broad types of work.

If, after researching this information, you are still unsure if and when postgraduate study would be a beneficial option for you, contact Careers, Employment & Leadership to speak to one of our team.

What you can do now...

Complete the 'Decision Making Strategies' module online through Curtin Challenge, or book in to a Professional Development Workshop to complete the module in person.

Answer the questions on the Postgraduate Study Checklist available on UniHub.

Our Careers & Employment Roadmap and GO ebook can provide tips on deciding if further study is for you.

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