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Employment Conditions & Salaries

Questions regarding graduate income levels, working conditions and future earning potential are common when considering career pathway options and further study.

Educate yourself on your employment rights and responsibilities, including understanding your employment contract and rates of pay. Whether you are completing a job trial, commencing your first part-time or casual position, or have secured a graduate opportunity, take the time to advance your knowledge of your workplace rights and responsibilities.

The discipline specific Career Guides, available at Where Your Degree Can Lead, provide information specific to your chosen field, including salary surveys conducted by professional associations, industry specific recruitment agencies and tracking of trends in job advertisements.

Reliable online resources can supply useful information on salary trends, relevant to experience. Graduate Careers Australia provide an annual survey including 'Grad Jobs & Dollars', up-to-date information on graduate outcomes such as employment rates and salaries, by field of study and level of award.

View 'Pathways to Permanent Residency', a presentation by Open Door Migration, for information for international students considering permanent residency in Australia. Please note: the information given in this presentation was correct at the time of delivery, May 2014. For current information, refer to the Department of Home Affairs website. Curtin Careers, Employment & Leadership does not provide visa/immigration advice or assistance. 

If, after researching this information, you have any further questions, contact the Careers, Employment & Leadership to speak to one of our team. 

What you can do now...

Complete the 'Workplace Rights and Responsibilities' module online through Curtin Challenge, or book in to a Professional Development Workshop to complete the module in person.

Browse the Workplace Rights resource available through UniHub.

Careers & Employment Roadmap      
Our Careers & Employment Roadmap and GO ebook can provide tips on your workplace rights and responsibilities

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