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Curtin University

Tools & Resources

These resources are designed to assist educators address five key employability themes with their students.

Develop Skills & Knowledge

These resources focus on a range of proficiencies needed to enhance graduate employability.

Career Action Plan
Employability Skills
Entrepreneurial Skills
Interview Preparation
Speed Dating

Develop Self

Combining activities and teaching aids, these resources centre around developing graduates' self-awareness.

Conceptualising Careers
Elevator Speech
Finding Your Mission
Maintaining Your Balance
More Than A Name
Plotting Your Preferences
Positive Self Talk
Skills Audit
The Lifestyle Quiz
What's Your Persona?

Develop Career Awareness

These resources concentrate on building graduates' understanding of what they want from their chosen career.

Getting A Head Start
Know Your Dream JobTurn On the Careers Light
What Does It Take?
What's That Image?
Work Patterns

Interact With Others

Focusing on a graduate's ability to build professional relationships, these resources provide activities and teaching aids.

A High-Achieving Group
Building Circles Part I
Building Circles Part II
Building Circles Part IIIElevator Speech
Forming An Effective Group
Networking For Others
Speed Dating
Volunteer Challenge

Navigate The World Of Work

These resources focus on the professional skills required to work effectively with a diverse range of people in a variety of situations.

Building Circles Part I
Building Circles Part II
Building Circles Part III
Volunteer Challenge

Learning objects for educators

Learning Object 1: Making The Commitment To Pursue A Career
Learning Object 2: Building A Career With Creativity And Resilience
Each of these learning objects contains a learning guide, tool and activity.

Self-directed learning for students

A range of modules focused on developing graduate employability are available to Curtin students through Curtin Challenge.

Careers & Employment Roadmap      
The Careers & Employment Roadmap and GO ebook provide Curtin students with resources and advice on navigating their career journey.

These self-directed learning resources are exclusive to Curtin staff and students, log in using your OASIS details.