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Curtin Employability Award

The Curtin Employability Award program combines career skills development modules and workshops with industry experience to boost your employability and potential for career success.

What is the Curtin Employability Award?

The Employability Award is a special program for Curtin students, designed to boost your employability. You’ll gain skills and knowledge that will help you plan your career, let you stand out in the job application process and more easily transition into the workplace upon graduation. You will learn about job applications, personal branding and workplace communication. Importantly, you'll gain official recognition of your achievement via the 
Curtin Extra Certificate, a second transcript awarded when you graduate.

Curtin Employability Award Structure

The Curtin Employability Award program runs throughout the university year, with a new program commencing every January and finishing in December. You can sign up anytime, and have until December to complete the required components. 

The introductory event kick-starts your progress through the Curtin Employability Award and brings your fellow program participants together. As a bonus, you'll complete the ‘Who am I?’ module, one of five you need complete as part of the program.
If you are studying online or off-campus, you can view the introductory event via iLecture. Just check UniHub for more information.

There are currently 14 career development modules to choose from. 'Workplace Rights and Responsibilities' is compulsory, with four others chosen by you. Modules may be completed online through Curtin Challenge, or face-to-face by attending professional development workshops booked through UniHub. Content is completed at your own pace and modules are automatically added to your Employability Award dashboard.

To help maximise your competitive edge when applying for jobs, you will be asked to submit a resume. Your resume will be reviewed by one of our Career Development Consultants and feedback provided to assist you in building a professional document that helps you apply for work. 

Industry experience offers you the opportunity to put what you have learned into practice. The Curtin Employability Award offers you the flexibility to combine volunteering, paid work and other experiences into your 37.5 hours (minimum) industry experience portfolio. Industry experience will teach you more about your values and abilities, help develop your valuable networks and show you how to apply your career management skills in an industry context.
Please refer to the Curtin Employability Award Industry Experience Guidelines for more information.

To finish the program, you’ll complete a reflection activity taking the form of an online interview and providing you with the opportunity to reflect on what you have learnt along the way. 

Applications for the 2017 Curtin Employability Award are now closed.
If you would like to participate in the 2018 program, please complete the Curtin Employability Award 2018 Expression of Interest Form.

Did you know you can claim 10 hours of mentoring against your work experience hours for this award? Learn more about the NEXT STEP: Industry Mentoring program here.

Any Curtin Careers, Employment & Leadership career development modules you have successfully completed prior to joining the Curtin Employability Award will count towards completion of it. 

Industry experiences undertaken up to three months prior to commencement of the program may also be counted. Please note that industry placements for undertaken for course credit cannot be used as part of the Curtin Employability Award. 

If you have any queries regarding the Curtin Employability Award, please first read the Curtin Employability Award FAQs.
If you would like any further information, please contact us via email at

What you can do now...

Applications for the 2017 Curtin Employability Award are now closed.

If you would like to participate in the
2018 program, please complete the
Curtin Employability Award 2018 Expression of Interest Form.

This program is exclusive to current Curtin students, log in with your OASIS details.