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Analyse Your Skills

Apart from relevant qualifications and workplace experience, employers do consider other aspects when assessing a potential graduate employee.

Knowing your current strengths, and being able to identify the skills and areas you need to develop, will increase your chances of success during the graduate recruitment process.

The Graduate Outlook Survey provides an employers’ perspective on graduate recruitment, including information on the attributes recruiters consider desirable for applicants within given industries.

Our Showcasing Your Skills & Qualities Workbook is designed to help you identify your skills and attributes, and assess how you can demonstrate them.

Completing the following Skills Analysis will assist you with:

  • Providing evidence of your skills as the foundation for writing strong job applications and maximising performance at interview
  • Justifying your current skill set using evidence from your employment history, degree related experiences, extra-curricular activities and studies
  • Creating an action plan with short, medium and long-term goals aimed at addressing specific skills gaps

Start Analysing My Skills

If, after researching this information and completing the activities, you would like to discuss how to address relevant skills gaps, contact Careers, Employment & Leadership to speak to one of our team. 

What you can do now...

Complete the 'Drive Your Career' module online through Curtin Challenge, or book in to a Professional Development Workshop to complete the module in person.

Browse the job advertisements on UniHub to see what skills employers are looking for.

Explore the opportunities available on Global Careers to see what skills international employers are looking for.

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