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Curtin University

C U Fit Outdoors

Not your typical gym workout? Take your training outside with group outdoor functional training.

C U Fit Outdoors

What is C U Fit Outdoors?

Group training that focuses on the functional aspects of fitness. The sessions will be done in the great outdoors on Curtin’s pristine training field. Each session is specifically designed and coordinated by qualified fitness trainers to allow you to reach your fitness goals.

Registrations for Round 6 now open!

Starts 1 October 2018

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  • cardio fitness
  • core strength
  • muscle conditioning
  • endurance
  • power


Why choose C U Fit Outdoors?

o Best client to trainer ratio.
o Periodised training plan for each round.
o Theme based programming to reach a fitness goal.
o Motivated and enthusiastic clients.
o Suitable for all fitness levels.
o Adaptable training programs to suit each trainee.

Session Times

Choose from six session times per week. Each session runs for 60 minutes. 

Session Times Days
6.30 am to 7.30 am Monday, Wednesday, Friday
5.30 pm to 6.30 pm Tuesday, Thursday      
8.30 am to 9.30 am Saturday


Rounds can vary between 5-6 weeks. 

1 session per week  2 sessions per week 3 sessions per week
5 week program  $65  $105  $142.50
6 week program  $78  $132                           $171
10 visit pass   $150  Casual sessions: $19 per session
*Prices current as at January 2018, and are subject to change.

2018 C U Fit Outdoors Calendar

Get set for Spring by joining our small group training classes focussing on high intensity interval and functional training. We will blend the use of our outdoor facilities and compliment it with indoor sessions.

Join us as we keep fit outdoors!

Spring Round of C U Fit Outdoors starts 1 October 2018. 

Register now! C U out there!


Hear what some of our C U Fit Outdoors members have to say about their experience:

 "Engaging, motivating and enjoyable" 5 April 2016.

"The trainers and instructors are excellent and enthusiastic!" 6 April 2016.

"Supportive, friendly, funny and most of all knowledgeable" 7 April 2016.

"Fantastic experience, one of the best things I have ever done!" 9 December 2015.

"Everyone is super friendly, it's a great environment" 9 December 2015.

"I like how you can take things at your own level of fitness. I really like a good mix of cardio and muscle work. It's a very well organized session" 11 December 2015.