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Register for the Wings for Life World Run Sunday 6 May!

[Posted: 26 Apr 2018]

Running is pure and simple nonetheless one of the most intense sports in the world.

Yet millions of people around the world are deprived of the opportunity to run due to devastating reasons such as paralysis from spinal cord injury.

Spinal cord injuries are awful, they do not just limit you from moving your limbs but also come with a plethora of health-related complications. Like most clinical studies, spinal cord research is ridiculously expensive and therefore is largely reliant on donations.
The Wings For Life foundation is a not-for-profit that raise funds to support clinical research, with the goal to find a cure for spinal cord injuries.

The first ever Wings For Life World Run was held in 2014 and since then participant numbers have increased immensely over the years. 100% of the donations and all the entry fees that are raised from the run go directly to funding the research at renowned universities and institutes worldwide. As it is a worldwide run, it is unique in a sense that all participants begin running at the same time. On May 6th 2018, all over the world, participants will start the run, in New York, they begin at 7am, Paris begins at 1pm, London, 12pm and most importantly, in Perth, we begin at 7pm. The event is essentially a fun run, all app based. Participants download the app and the app tracks you around the course, after a certain time, a virtual "catcher car" will come and chase you!
Come join #TeamCurtin, on May 6th and help us raise funds for spinal cord research!

Registration is only $15! Register now for the Wings for Life Run!