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Hear the story of an amazing 15 year old PAEDS program participant

[Posted: 27 Jun 2018]

Lauren Hislop

Participate - Achieve - Encourage - Develop - Succeed.

That is the aim of the PAEDS program run by the Accredited Exercise Physiologists at the Curtin Stadium Health & Rehabilitation Clinic for children and teens five to 15 years old.  

Our friends at the Family Centre asked a special PAEDS program participant Lauren Hislop about her experience in the program.

"I’m Lauren, I’m 15 and I’ve had type 1 diabetes for ten years. Last term I did the PAEDS exercise program which I found out about through the Family Centre. It’s a way to get kids with type 1 diabetes feeling more confident about sports and exercise. I liked it so much I’ve signed up to do the program again next term.

I attended Curtin Stadium twice a week and was connected up with my very own personal coach, a sports science student called Kamila. Kamila is really nice and very easy to talk to. I would describe her as a friend. It was good to be able to connect with someone to help me through training and the struggles with diabetes and exercise. Kamila got to know me over the term and helped me feel better about exercise, and more motivated around being active with diabetes.

I liked the program because I was in charge. I said to Kamila that I’d like to do general fitness and she designed the sessions to meet my goals. We did cardio and running, lots of running! We also did core work. I didn’t know how important your core was until now; we worked on our stomach muscles a lot. She also noticed I have really tight shoulders and she helped me learn to stretch them so I can relax better. Sometimes I said I’d like to play tennis, and so we did that for something different, but mostly the session would be a bit of a surprise. It was like having my own personal trainer, and the gym at Curtin Stadium is awesome!

Some days I’d have a hypo during training, but generally I felt I did well managing my diabetes. My strategy on training days was to have some carbs and turn my pump right down for about 30 to 45 minutes before the start of the session. I’d switch the temporary basal rate off halfway through the session to avoid a rebound high.

After I finished the program, I noticed that when I did arm wrestling with my friends I was stronger which I was quite pleased with. I also felt fitter, and found it was easier to talk with adults after spending time with Kamila.

PAEDS was really fun and I would recommend it - I give it ten out of ten!"

To register your child in the PAEDS program contact Rebecca Morony at or phone 9266 3304.

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